"BreakThroughColour" system in which understanding of design related to color / color is deepened logically rather than sense as in the sense of card game

physicallyColor WheelThere is a limit, there are limitations in the number of colors that can be shown, or it is inconvenient to carry. Therefore, I used 21 cards like cards to express 216 colors and made it possible to create original color wheel / color palette "BreakThroughColour"is. The card expresses the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow contained in the color in six stages, and we are pursuing ease of use for people who like the color world, including designers and illustrators.

BreakThroughColour | Cards + Cubes by Tracy Holmes - Kickstarter

We use the color wheel to select colors and think of color combinations, but the realColor WheelAlthough you can see changes such as color tone, shade, light and dark, the number of colors themselves has its limit. There, BreakThroughColour is a new system created to explore and explore colors and play with colors. Item that combines color wheel and cards, easy to carry.

This is BreakThroughColour. You can compare all 216 colors at hand and think of combinations.

The color is divided into 8 patterns. There are blue, yellow, white, black, red, light blue, green and purple, and even with the same deck, each color gradually differs in color.

On the upper right of each card is a 3-digit number, and the three numbers represent cyan, magenta and yellow. It is written in 6 stages of 0 to 5 as to which color and how much it is contained. For example, the number "500" is cyan 5, magenta 0, yellow 0, it refers to cyan itself, "505" is complete with green 5, cyan 5, magenta 0, yellow 5.

When decreasing or increasing this number, it is possible to see a very interesting appearance. For example, if you decrease the number 5 representing cyan of "500", the color gets closer and closer to white and closer to black as you increase the numbers at both ends of magenta represented by "050". As you increase only the leftmost digit of yellow represented by 005, you can see how it gradually turns green. Incidentally,Changes in color can be seen in the movie on the websiteI understand.

HexadecimalColor codeAlthough there is a trick in reading, in the case of BreakThroughColor it is the point that colors are expressed with only numbers from 0 to 5, which is easy to use even if it is not professional.

In addition, although the color is simply displayed on the front side ......

You can see what is mixed on the back side, how much it is light and dark, and so on.

There is also an item called "Color Cube" that expresses colors with legislation.

Open with pakari ......

It can be disassembled with such feeling. It combines eight small legislative bodies, and this also means that colors are represented by three numbers represented by 0 to 5 stages as well as cards.

Color Cube is made from cards with nine colors represented.

Combining 6 cards like this ......

A cyan cube is completed.

There are also "Mini Cube" which made compact three-dimensional color palette which can combine eight cubes, and 64 cards totaling nine cubes are set as a set.

A simplified version of BreakThroughColor which collects 41 colors of color called Colour Basics is also ant.

Items including BreakThroughColour are now looking for investment with Kickstarter of Cloud Funding Platform. At the target amount of 5000 dollars (about 610,000 yen), it is already popular that it has already collected over 22,000 dollars (about 2.7 million yen) at the time of article creation. In order to get items, you need to make a capital contribution, and you can purchase a 41 color card "Color Basics" and 6 cube card sets with a contribution of $ 24 (about 2900 yen) for $ 99 (about 12,000 yen) A $ 120 (15,000 yen) investment in the BreakThrough Color card representing the 216 colors representing the 216 colors and a set of 54 cards making up the nine cubes was added to the box with Color Basics and BreakThrough Color in the lid at $ 216 ( About 27,000 yen) and 2 color baseics · 2 BreakThroughColor plus 216 color card of "favorite color" is possible.

The deadline is Japan time on July 19, 2015 at 3 am.


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