It turned out that it is possible to delay "aging" by ingestion of periodic low calorie diet

BySarah Tzinieris

Studies by Mr. Balter Longo of the University of Southern California (USC) have revealed that a wide range of health benefits can be obtained from the ingestion of periodic low calorie diet, which leads to retardation of aging.

Diet that mimics fasting appearing to slow aging | USC News

A research team led by Mr. Longo discovered that continuing "low calorie diet (FMD)" which imitates fasting is effective in lowering abdominal fat. Furthermore, when demonstrating the effect obtained by FMD with an older mouse, the number of precursor cells and stem cells in the organ increased, revealing that nerve regeneration in the brain improved learning ability and memory It is getting. In the experiments, we are investigating how FMD will change the human body by conducting pilot experiments with relatively short-lived mice, very simple organisms, and humans I will.

ByChristian Cable

In the experiment, we are first experimenting with Mus musculus to take a low-calorie diet with a cycle of 4 days. As a result of this experiment, it was revealed that the life span of Mus muscle was extended more than usual, the other cancer cells injected decreased, the immune system was strengthened, the rate of developing inflammatory disease decreased, It seems that it was also found that cognitive abilities improved as slowing down of density also occurred. It seems that the intake calorie of the moon was about the same between the case of ingesting a low-calorie diet periodically and the case of fasting for a certain period of time. "Even without fasting, the effect obtained by that is obtained with FMD I can do it, "Mr. Longo says.

ByMoise Nicu

At the stage of clinical experiments, 19 subjects received FMD for 5 days a month. Regarding this FMD, Mr. Longo commented, "Since it is tough and dangerous to keep strict fasting, we have developed a complex meal that can cause the same effect as fasting to the human body." "I personally challenged both fasting and FMD developed by the research team, and as a result I found that FMD is far easier and more secure," said FMD's effectiveness We emphasize safety.

FMD is a diet made up of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients, which is an individual's caloric intake cut from the usual one by 34-54%. It decreases the IGF-I value of hormone necessary for growth, but this is helping to prevent aging, and it seems to be associated with "carcinogenic susceptibility" which is a gene which determines cancer susceptibility. And at the same timeIGFBPBecause it increases the value, risk factors for diabetes and cardiac disease will shrink, leading to prevention of bone mineral density and muscle mass loss.

ByGuian Bolisay

Subjects took FMD for only 5 days in a month and returned to normal diet for the remaining 25 days. Still, it seems that a positive reaction was seen in the body of the subject. Currently Mr. Logos is demonstrating the effectiveness of FMD for more than 70 subjects and said, "If the results of this experiment are as positive as the data currently obtained, periodic calorie restriction by FMD is , It will be recommended by doctors as the world's first safe and effective longevity and health related dietary method. "

The details of this experiment was published on June 18Cell MetabolismYou can check with.

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