It turned out that naturally decreasing total calorie consumption per day by reducing the amount of lunch


In order to lose weight, it is necessary to endure your hunger with hunger for your favorite food with reasons of calorie or you need to exercise consciously ... ... but the image is strong, but as a more easy way to eat lunch We reduced the caloric intake by doing, and the data that it can be made as a result was announced.

Eating a lighter lunch can help you lose weight WITHOUT going hungry | Mail Online

The research team led by Professor David Levitsky conducted an experiment to recruit volunteers who cooperate for 5 weeks and ask them to record meal contents from Monday to Friday.

In the first week, subjects were supposed to take a meal in a buffet style dining room where they could eat freely as they would like to eat. In the second week, half of the group of subjects was instructed to take lunch for a small piece of commercial food such as Campbell soup instead of the Viking style lunch eaten by others . However, other meals and snacks were supposed to be free to eat. In the last two weeks, people other than those restricted for lunch in the second week also received similar restrictions on the content of lunch.

Scientists analyzed the data provided by the subjects. Then, for 17 subjects who took a meal divided food at lunch for 10 days or more,The calorie intake per day is reduced by approximately 250 kilocalories as compared with the normal time, and the weight has decreased by an average of 1.1 pounds (about 0.499 kg)Has been confirmed. The result of this research is to be published in the journal Appetite magazine of October.

According to Professor Levitsky, "From this result, it turned out that the human body is not strict on the calorie intake, and it does not lead to an increase in hunger and appetite when we reduced calorie intake somewhat (we restrict only lunch If I continue my life for more than a year, I will be able to lose at least 25 pounds (about 11.3 kg). " Also, Carly Pacanowski, a co-author of the study and a professor's student, says, "It can be thought that total calorie consumption can be easily reduced by restricting lunch several times a week." I will.

Furthermore, the results of the study also indicated that by eating foods with high protein and high dietary fiber, even though caloric intake itself decreased, it could spend without being tolerant to a hard hunger.

If only the contents revealed here, because the result when restricting meals other than lunch is unknown, people who can not necessarily reduce lunch due to their lifestyle will achieve the same result even if limiting by other meals I also care about the point. Future further research will be awaited.

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