'Results of research that intermittent fasting protrudes and is not an excellent diet method'

Intermittent fasting is a diet method that has received attention in recent years. Instead of fasting over a long period of time, it is a point to intermittently do, fasting for 16 hours a day, eating what you like in the remaining 8 hours "16: 8 diet" and , A method such as "5: 2 diet" such as fasting for 2 days in a week completely and eating what you like on the remaining 5 days is being advocated. However, the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) has published research results that "such intermittent fasting can not be said to be more efficient than other diets."

Intermittent fasting: No advantage over conventional weight loss diets

Intermittent fasting: No advantage over conventional weight loss diets - ScienceDaily

Some books written about diet assert that intermittent fasting can be reduced more efficiently than traditional diet due to sustained change in yoyo effect and metabolism. Meanwhile, the German Nutrition Association (DGE) says, "The scientific evidence that intermittent fasting is effective is not enough and it is not suitable for long-term weight adjustment," and vigilance for easy fasting It is urging us.

Therefore, the research team led by DKFZ researcher Ruth Schübel conducted a comparative experiment of intermittent fasting and conventional diet about 150 years for subjects with obesity for about one year.

The research team randomly classified 150 subjects into 3 groups. For the first group, take a meal with a 20% reduction in calorie intake per day, take a meal for 5 days only for the 2 nd group, fast for 2 days and do a "5: 2 diet" for 1 week We reduced caloric intake by 20%. In the control group, the 3rd group, we did not set up a meal plan, but let me take a nutritionally balanced diet, and the research team measured the weight and health status of all the subjects for 38 weeks.

As a result of the experiment, it turned out that there was no difference in improvement in health condition between the first group and the second group. Mr. Schübel reported that "Weight and visceral fat / abdominal fat were reduced in both groups of subjects, and liver extra fat was also reduced".

The subject's visceral fat change was visualized by MRT (Magnetic Resonance Tomography) by Doctor Johanna Nattenmüller of the University of Heidelberg Hospital. As a result, it was also found that in both the 1st and 2nd group, even those with a weight loss of only 5% had reduced 20% of visceral fat and more than one third of liver fat.

Although it has not been confirmed whether intermittent fasting can obtain happiness in this research, dieting by intermittent fasting can only expect the same degree of effect as conventional diet based on diet therapy, and not necessarily It can be said that it is not a protracted and efficient diet.

Tilman Kühn, one of the research teams, said, "For some people, it may be easier to fast twice a week than to calculate calories and limit food every day, but the reduced body weight It is necessary to keep a balanced diet all the time in order to maintain. " Kühn also noted that the current study shows that the level of improvement in health status is similar when comparing low-carbohydrate diet and low-fat diet, the important thing is to reduce carbohydrates and fat It is to do a balanced diet while adding it. "

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