When looking at a photograph or movie of a cat, it turns out that many people's anxiety and stress are decreasing

ByRobert Couse-Baker

On the Internet there are times when you see photographs of cats that are pretty cute, and there are many sites that publish photos expertly, but after the action of "seeing pictures of cats on the net", stress and anxiety decrease I realized that I had a hope and a happy feeling.

Emotion regulation, procrastination, and watching cat videos online: Who watches Internet cats, why, and to what effect?

Watching cats on the Internet is good for you | Ars Technica

Pictures of cats are beloved across all kinds of fences on the net and there are over 1.3 million followers on TwitterThockington, 20 million times or more played on YouTube "It is full.Known for moviesCircleStar cat is also born. As if it is a festival or a work related to cat like art installation, one after another has been created.

Professor Jessica Myrick of Indiana University studied and studied what kind of influence it is and who is watching such "photograph and movie of the cat on the net" and what kind of influence it is. This paper is published in "Computers and Human Behavior".

The target of survey was 6795 Internet users self-reported as "watching pictures and movies of cats on the net." The breakdown was extremely biased, with 88.4% for women and 90.4% for whites. These guys almost always watched pictures and movies of cats in some way, and on average they kept 2.3 cats. Although it was excluded from the calculation of the average, it seems that there are also some people who have a tremendous number of cats.

ByMoyan Brenn

When Professor Myric asked "Why do people see pictures and movies of cats on the net", it turned out that there are three reasons. First of all,Emergency Kitten!As you can see, just keep watching the cute catsStress mitigation.

Another thing is the need to doProcrastination.

The third onePersonal reason. For example, since cats are sometimes recognized as antisocial animals, it seems that those who are classified as "introverted" by five character characterization like cats prefer cats. Looking at the personality traits of the people who were the subjects of the survey this time, there were many people of this "introverted type", and many people were actually shy.

When asking such people, after seeing the cat's photograph and movie, the negative feelings such as irritation, anxiety, grief, guilt decreased, positive feelings such as hope, happiness, satisfaction increased I got the answer "It was. Actually, when I looked back on the lives of the last two weeks, there were a lot of people who said they were happy. From this, Professor Myric believes that people will be enveloped by happiness, by cat pictures and movies. However, those who tend to postpone things seem to feel guilty than the feeling of happiness they got.


In addition, it is said that anything is not okay for "pictures and movies of cats" that is the source of happiness, and quality is also important.

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