It is the hypothalamic neural stem cell that is responsible for aging, succeeded in speeding up or slowing the aging

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Interesting papers that have found brain cells responsible for the aging of living organisms have been published.

Brain Cells Found to Control Aging | Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Brain cells found to control aging - ScienceDaily

HypothalamusIs known as a site that regulates important factors for the human body, including growth, development, regeneration and metabolism. In 2013, researchers at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine announced an amazing discovery that on the academic journal Nature, the hypothalamus regulates the aging of the whole body. And newly, scientists at Albert Einstein School of Medicine discovered which cells in the hypothalamus control aging. According to new research results, controlling aging is a small population of adult neural stem cells known for forming new brain neurons.

"From the results of our research, the number of the hypothalamus of neural stem cells, the But it has been found that decreases naturally in the animal's life, it can be seen that it is this reduction is to accelerate the aging beneath "" in addition, this reduction phenomenon has also discovered that not irreversible. this phenomenon is by supplementing the molecule that is generated by the stem cells, or stem cells, to reverse or slow down the various aging phenomena that occur in the whole body is speak with or it is possible to ", Dongsheng Cai Dr. a professor of molecular pharmacology at Albert Einstein College of medicine.

Scientists researching on the relationship between neural stem cells in the hypothalamus and aging have investigated the change in the number of stem cells in healthy mice. The number of hypothalamic neural stem cells has begun to decline at the 10th month of the birth of mice, which seems to be a few months before the onset of signs of aging in mice. Furthermore, "When the mouse is about 2 years old and begins to aging, most of the hypothalamic neural stem cells are gone," Dr. Cai says.

Next, researchers are conducting experiments to destroy hypothalamic neural stem cells in middle-aged mice in order to investigate whether the progressive loss of hypothalamic neural stem cells actually causes aging. About the results of this experiment "Due to the destruction of the hypothalamic neural stem cells, the aging of the subjects who underwent subjects as compared to the comparable healthy mouse accelerated significantly and died faster than usual" I will talk.

In addition, researchers are conducting experiments to add hypothalamic neural stem cells. In experiments, hypothalamic neural stem cells are newly injected into the brain of mice in which middle-aged hypothalamic neural stem cells have been destroyed, and as a result, the effect of slowing or reversing aging, that is, rejuvenating effect is confirmed It is.

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Dr. Cai noted that hypothalamic neural stem cellsMiRNAWe believe that it exerts anti-aging effect by releasing molecule called so. Although miRNA is not involved in protein synthesis, it plays an important role in regulating gene expression instead. MiRNAs are packaged in small particles called exosomes and hypothalamic neural stem cells are released into the cerebrospinal fluid of mice.

Researchers extracted miRNA-containing exosomes from hypothalamic neural stem cells and injected cerebrospinal fluid into both middle-aged and middle-aged mice in which hypothalamic neural stem cells were destroyed. This procedure seems to have succeeded in delaying aging significantly in terms of indicators such as endurance, coordination, social behavior and change in cognitive ability of animal muscles.

Researchers are investigating what elements in miRNAs are acting to retard aging.

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