We had a healthy Yoshinoya's new breakfast in the first half of 400 kcal "Tofu Bukkake Rice - Sea Bream Taste ~" "Chicken Soboro Rice"

Yoshinoya conducted a review of the morning, and from 10th June (Wednesday) as a new product in the morning "Tofu bukkake rice ~ Sea bream taste ~"When"Chicken rice bowl"We started selling. The characteristic is that low-calorie tofu bukkake rice is 423 kcal and chicken rice is 431 kcal. Whether it will be the new standard in the morning, I went to Yoshinoya to eat.

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Yoshinoya "Tofu Bukkake Rice - Sea Bream Taste ~" "Chicken Soboro Rice"
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Arrived at Yoshinoya. In storesVegetable only bowl "Beef bowl"Announcement was applied.

Looking at the "breakfast" menu from 4 o'clock in the morning to 11 o'clock,Tofu bukkake rice ~ Sea bream taste ~"Chicken rice bowl"Is added.

First of all I ordered "Tofu Bukkake Rice - Sea Bream Taste ~". It is 290 yen for Amusement Rim, 450 yen for Omori, I ordered a lot.

The size of Namimori feels like a cup of rice to a bigger bowl rather than a bowl.

The ingredients are tofu, fried bean, leek, bonito. I am worried that I have forgotten some important ingredients, but since it is the main tofu, it is suitable for this.

There is Mabo - don on the menu which to eat tofu on rice, but the taste is not dense so far. However, due to the sea bream soup and bonito, the flavor of the fish and shellfish is firmly felt and it is not as bad as it looks. Also, the crispy texture of the fried bean and the crispy texture of a green onion but slightly supports the chewy tofu.

The amount of fried bean is quite large, so the crispy texture will remain until the end. If it is 290 yen, if it is Kore, the person who wants to eat meat is 380 yen beef bowl sashimi, people who want to go to a little healthy kore can be separated.

Since it is a breakfast menu, not only rice drink but also miso soup comes with it.

I like eggs, but it is cool and sweet seasoning, so it seems a bit preference can be divided.

Next, "chicken rice meal" (Nimori). Also this is 290 yen for Paradise, 450 yen for Omori, Miso soup and Egg-yaki will follow.

The size of the bowl is the same as "Tofu Bukkake Rice - Sea Breams Taste ~", but due to the volume of the ingredients, I get the impression that the quantity is decreasing considerably.

The equipment is simple and simple.

Soboro is a fairly thick and sweet seasoned one used for rice lunch box picks, which is suitable for drinking rice one after another. However, the texture is poor, compared to "Tofu Bukkake Rice", the satisfaction as rice is slightly lower. Although calories were lowered to the first half of the 400 kcal range, there were not many vegetables, so it seemed that the necessity of bothering to select this was light.

In addition, "Tofu Bukkake Rice - Sea Snake Taste ~" and "Chicken Soboro Rice" become morning menu, so it will be sold from 4 am to 11 o'clock in the morning.

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