The movie "The Martian" trailer depicting the life and death survival of an astronaut who became alone on Mars

movies"Gladiator"Received the Academy Award Work PrizeRidley ScottThe director became the best selling SF novel "The Martian(Nation: Mars people) "was made into a movie"The Martian"is.Matt DamonA trailer depicting a survival in which the hero's botanist who the hero plays acts on Mars has become so lonely that it will survive until the rescue from the earth comes.

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"All human beings have instincts to" help each other "

"When I am distressed in the mountains, people cooperate and will search for us."

"If an earthquake hits a big city, people around the world will deliver relief supplies"

"There are" experts "in all cultures without exception"

Does the spirit of such cooperation reach outside the earth?

It was a huge storm that attacked the team investigating Mars on manned Mars exploration.

Earth and dust flew, crews in a situation where they can hardly see before.

However, the choice to stop exploration is pear.

The hero's botanist Mark Watney who Matt Damon plays is exploring Mars of the storm.

There is something like a spacecraft antenna struck by the storm ... ...

Direct hit.

The operations headquarters who could not find Watney at the end of the investigation announced that "Watoni is dead."


Watney was barely alive while being blown away.

Watney who managed to return to the spaceship.

But the crew has already returned. Only one person was left behind on Mars.

There is no way to contact NASA.

Even the crews think that Watonie died.

Even if rescue comes from Earth to Mars, it will take at least 4 years.

The spacecraft evacuated by Watney has only enough food and water to survive for a month and a half.

In desperate circumstances, Watney decides to survive using its knowledge.

It is impossible to grow plants on Mars.

So Watney decides to plant soil in the spacecraft and grow plants.

Using the remaining food ......

Cultivate plants.

I repaired the equipment to contact NASA to seek help.

I will install the equipment on Mars and I will try to tell him that I am somehow alive to NASA.

And a miracle will happen.

"Receive new messages"

"Have you received it?"

Delight in the message from Watney.

Some employees show the expression "incredible".

Finally succeeded in contacting NASA.

"Watney, we are going to help you"

Help comes from NASA, and Watney explodes joy.

However, it is the shortest 4 years that help comes from Earth to Mars ......

Moreover, the crew heading for Mars is also awaiting danger.

Watney wishing for a reunion of his family.

People who wish to survive.

Watthney trying to live inevitably.

It places a heavy burden on physical fitness and spirit.

A crew stood up to save Watney.

Watney can overcome various obstacles and survive until the rescue team comes over?

Can the crew rescue Watney safely and return to Earth?

"The Martian" will be released in the United States on November 25, 2015, disclosure in Japan is undecided.

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Movie depicting the life and death of the astronaut who became alone on Mars "The Martian" trailer - GIGAZINE

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