Interstellar director Christopher Nolan's latest work "Dunkirk" official trailer will be released

Film director Christopher Nolan's latest work known for "Dark Knight" trilogy, "Inception", "Interstellar" etc.DUNKIRK (Dunkirk)'S official trailer movie has been released.


Coastline in northern France. A British soldier is on standby.

Before everyone looks up ... ...

Two fighter aircraft.

It is Kenneth Blunner who plays the officer.

All the soldiers who understood the raid all fell on the beach at once.

Soldiers on the bridge have no escape place.

According to the invasion of the German army in north France, 400,000 soldiers could not return home to their homeland "Battle of Dunkirk"Is drawn.

A German army fighter flying just above.

Bombs burst on the beach.

I also landed on an offshore vessel.

Bridges were blown up by soldiers at all.

People who watch the German military aircraft flying over the sea surface Fresnel from offshore.

Citizen who plays Mark · Lyrence heads to Dunkirk by boat. Apparently it seems to be the person who holds the key to the story.

A pilot played by Tom Hardy.

In the movie, the battle of the German army and British sky is also drawn.

Soldiers carrying injured people.

A soldier who is evacuated and receives benefits and a figure of a soldier who takes a meal inside the ship.

Fleeting rests ......

By the bombing, the spectacle looks like a nightmare.

Behind the line of sight the officer looks at ... ...

A sinking ship.

The soldiers desperately escape.

To a soldier crouching at a part of the wrecked hull ......

The rescue seems to have arrived.

"Where are you heading?" "Dunkirk"

We will not stop the German Army 's onslaught.

"I do not want to return, I will die."

A ship carrying soldiers at sea.

"Head for England!"

The ship that was bombed is raising a huge flame and burning.

A soldier struggling under the flame. Just a hell picture.

"I have a job to do"

"Go back!"

A soldier who points the muzzle to the sky at the beach.

Although it fights back, it can not shoot down enemy aircraft.

Three soldiers sitting strangely.

A soldier played by Harry Stiles, who is about to be caught by the approaching ship. Desperately stretching out my hand, will you make it?

Dunkirque is released in the United States on July 21, 2017, and in Japan will be released on 9th September.

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