SF horror piece "Life" is a film that draws a panic against the Martian life form and attacks the crew Public decision on July 8, trailer part 2 appears

Sci-fi thriller film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, and Hiroyuki Sanada "lifeWas announced on July 8, 2017 in Japan as well. Although the human beings make contact with the extraterrestrial life which they first collected on Mars, the second trailer of the movie trailer that the tragedy attacks the six astronauts of the International Space Station ... ... is released.

LIFE - Official Trailer # 2 (HD) - YouTube

The stage will be the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the earth, the story time is 2017 years. Actual human beings aim to leave to Mars in 2020, so it seems that the era is progressing a bit earlier in movies.

Hiroyuki Sanada showed the daughter who was just born and her mother as "everyone was a girl". This movie has a name as one of the leading performers.

Crews who are pleased with "Congratulations ~!"

The crew is responsible for staying at ISS and collecting exploration pods returning from Mars.

A crew trying to catch a pod that is supposed to have come back from the universe with the arm of the ISS. However, some of the solar panels mounted on the pods are damaged, the entire pod turns and it rotates, apparently not in a normal state.

Pay attention to the movement of the pod ......

Catch the pod catchingly by extending the arm ...... Whether it was possible to enjoy this volume.

Projected on the screen is a microscopic image of life forms taken on Mars.

"We now see the evidence of life outside the Earth"

"Oxygen will not die ... ..."

"It seems to be resistant to carbon dioxide"

To the question of my daughter "Are you bringing it to the earth?"

"No, keep it here and see if it is safe" Father who answers.

Experiments such as electricity are carried out.

"This guy will grow so fast"

"Each cell is a muscle cell ......"

"I have a brain"

A crew who says that "muscle cells and brain only creatures ... what a wise creatures they are". A tragedy will fall throughout the team after this.

During work, the grown cells suddenly cling to the hands of the crew.

"Gow!" Crew looks like an agony. I can not move because my hands are pulled by life.

On the ship "Breach", an alarm indicating that the container containing the living matter was broken and the cell jumped out was displayed.

"What's going wrong!"

A crew has no choice but to watch what is going on outside the room. Will it get caught up in panic from here?

"This creature is a creature that has covered Mars for millions of years."

"If we had something that would let this creature reach the earth ..."

"It will endanger the lives of all human beings"

"I have to stop these breaths"

A crew wearing outdoor activity clothes, jumping to another section of the ISS by removing the lifeline. The battle with life forms will spread.

A compartment hatch that can be closed coldly.

A crew staring at each other with expressions of giving up. Sometimes crews can be forced to make cruel choices.

The keyboard is pushed ... ....

A voice saying "The communication has been lost!"

"I will rush into the atmosphere in 39 minutes"

The hull of the ISS becoming disjoint. Is it supposed to enter the atmosphere as it is and to burn out all life forms altogether?

Crews who can endure in the ultimate situation. How the fate of mankind and the whole team ... ....

Sony Pictures, which distributes movies, announces on Twitter that "Life" will also be released on July 8, 2017 in Japan. Although it is not posted on the official website at the time of article creation, it seems that there is a presentation in the near future.

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