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Kurukuru swirling appearance and distinctive aroma of cinnamon features "cinnamon roll"As a main product chain stores offer"Cinnabon"is. It is a dreamlike shop that you can eat cinnamon roll of freshly made fish using the finest cinnamon, but from such a cinnabon it is a new product "Salt caramel · chocolate · roll · on · go ·"It was said that it was sold for a limited time, so I have checked what kind of taste it actually is.

Cinnabon World Famous Cinnamon Rolls | New Press Releases

Chinamon to JapanA total of 6 storesAlthough there is selling "salt caramel · chocolate · roll on the go"Seattle's Best CoffeeCollaboration with only stores. So, this time we will head to the Roppongi store just off Roppongi Station 1b exit of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

The appearance of Roppongi store is like this. A picture of a huge cinnamon roll is a landmark.

In the shop, I am making extensive rounds of cinnamon rolls boasting at places that I can see from the outside.

From the color of the paste put on the fabric, you can easily understand that cinnamon is abundantly used.

The order counter inside the store looks like this.

On the counter there is a food menu on the side of the cinnamon ......

Seattle's best coffee side drink menu.

Menus are also placed on the counter.

I found salt caramel, chocolate, roll, on the go to order. A menu called "chocobon" wrapped around a special chocolate paste was cut into a bite, and a menu with salt caramel sauce and dark chocolate sauce was topped. It is a cinnamon roll shop, but cinnamon is not used. It is provided in a palm-sized cup, so even if you take out it is ok.

In the cinnamon, except for the cinnamon roll which is included in the take-out "CinnaPacks", all are provided immediately after baking, or rolled on a hot plate for 30 minutes to have it taste freshly baked It is said that it is 2 choices whether to keep warm. Because rolls that have been over 30 minutes past baked will be sold for takeaway, you can always eat freshly baked items at stores.

When ordering salt caramel · chocolate · roll on · the · go, goods arrived in 1 or 2 minutes. Together with paper napkins and forks follow.

This is salt caramel · chocolate · roll · on · go. Because cinnamon is not used, even people who are not good at cinnamon roll can be eaten.

It's like this when holding a cup in your hand. Beyond imagination, the cup is funny, it has a fever of saying "You cut just the baked roll just now!?"

It seems that dusty soft cloth seems to be deflating with time, so it is better to eat as soon as possible and to enjoy Atsuzu mochi mochi.

That's why it's a fork soon.

In my mouth, I am amazed by the presence of too rich salt caramel and dark chocolate sauce. The source mixes exquisitely with the bitter flavor of dark chocolate, the rich sweetness of caramel and the distinctive fragrance, and it is finished very luxuriously. The roll has been cut to a bite size so that it can be easily eaten even with a fork, and the unique texture that is fluffy and dusty is very good. Since a roll with a dusty texture is provided in a warm state, when combined with a sweet sauce it dissolves in the mouth with a trolley, and this moment of bliss again can be tasted. However, the sauce is so sweet that it would be nice to order a drink such as coffee together.

Dorori and Melting Salt Caramel & Dark Chocolate Sauce is a very luxurious taste for the sweet tooth. If you have a sweet tooth, once you want a challenge.

As the sauce is plenty, you can taste plenty from start to finish.

As the taste, the dark chocolate is the strongest impression, then the strong aroma of caramel is strongly felt, but salty was hardly felt rather than "salt caramel". A roll cut into a bite is a stronger sense of drag than a fluffy feeling, and if you go forward with eating it is an impression that you get well on your stomach more than you imagine. Rather than enjoying cinnamon rolls, people who want to enjoy a rich sweetness with caramel and chocolate, or feel like "cinnamon is a bit weak".

In addition, "Salam Caramel · Chocolate · Roll · On · Go" is limited to the "Cinnabon / Seattle's Best Coffee" which will be a collaboration store of Cinnabon and Seattle's Best Coffee at 400 yen including tax for the period until June 7, 2015 It is sold.

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