I went to a specialty chocolate restaurant "MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR" where foods, drinks and everything are covered with chocolate

Based on the concept of "enjoying chocolate with a free idea like returning as a child rather than eating behind pralines one by one carefully", it is a concept that provides desserts and drinks that are full of chocolate anyway "MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR"is. MAX BRENNER, founded in Israel, now based in New York and has more than 40 chocolate bars and restaurants in the world opened a new restaurant in Omotesando, Tokyo from November 30, 2013, so actually go I have tasted a menu of chocolate flavor.


This opened in Omotesando Hills "MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR"

It is 11 o'clock in the morning, but when we arrived at 10:10, there was already a queue.

The passerby will also look at the shop that says "What's the queue?"

Instead of placing an order at the table, instead of a coffee shop, it is a mechanism to purchase items at the shop, so as soon as the shop opens, people in the number of seats do not fit, so the first set of orders After the end, the next pair can enter the form. So even if I arrived at the shop at 10:10, it was around 11:20 instead of 11, but the Union Square store in New York waited 3 hours even after seven years I was told that the waiting time is short compared to it. When I asked people in the shop, it means that there will be relatively few people at night.

The menu looks something like this. It's all chocolate from fondue to pizza, waffle, crepe and drink.

Bottled chocolate cookies were also sold near the cash register. Since additional ordering is impossible, we need to ask you all in the first order.

Inside the shop there are table seats for two people and four people, and tables for large numbers of people.

There is a counter seat on the window.

Nuts and spices etc were bottled in table for large number of people. I thought that "Maybe you can eat it freely?" I tried hanging on the lid of the bottle, but since it was tightly sealed, it is for display only.

There was chocolate in the flask.

Place the received number tag on the table and wait for the order.

A logo was printed on the paper napkin.

About 10 minutes after ordering, drinks arrive first. This is 80 'milkshake (700 yen including tax)

Ice cream is placed on top of the cup with milkshake and a drink that chocolate is put on it.

I can not see the inside, but when I drank it with a straw I named it "milkshake" but the taste was feeling cold hot chocolate. As there is no bitterness like cocoa, it is a gentle taste, and if you like chocolate, it seems to be drinking a lot.

Because chocolate keeps its shape without melting even in the warm air inside the store, it will be left behind by the cup's bowl as you drink.

So softened, you can eat it at the fork afterwards and molgmog.

Subsequently it arrived with tea. At first glance it looks like ordinary tea but this is chocolate flavor chocolate chai (450 yen including tax)

Black tea is accompanied by chocolate chip cookies.

Pour into a transparent glass ... ....

When I drink it, the tea that can become warm smartly is not sweet, and the smell of chocolate is said to be "Do you feel a little if it is said?" Because other spices are used, it is refreshing taste, so it seems to be useful in the mouth which is sweetened with chocolate.

"Since it should definitely have a sweet mouth, chocolate is also added to cappuccino (500 yen including tax) ordered by saying" I do not sweet drinks ", so it is the first thing that chocolate appears everywhere.

It became a special cup and it was a mechanism that you can put the chocolate sliding on the cane and put it in the cappuccino as it is, but the chocolate melts with the heat of the cappuccino and it is a bit struggling to put in.

After a drink arrives, wait for a while and then chocolate chunk pizza (350 yen including tax) arrives.

On top of the pizza dough there is melted chocolate on top of it and there is a marshmallow baked on it.

As I was worried about "feeling like eating ... ...", the clerk said, "In pizza this pizza gets dirty, the table is dirty, and we stink everything and eat it all at ease "Because he gave me advice, there were knives and forks in the store, but I got a challenge on hand.

When it gets stuck on for a while, the inside of the mouth is filled with the sweet chocolate 's rough texture, the marshmallow' s fragrance that the outside was burned with paris, and the softly marshmallowed marshmallow. Since the fabric is not too thin, it neutralizes the sweetness of marshmallows & chocolates well, but as the inside of the mouth becomes full of sweetness as we advance with 2 mouths and 3 mouths, we will have desserts If you ask, drinks are not sweet shakes, etc., you are right to ask for tea or coffee.

Subsequently I arrived at Classic European (1800 yen including tax)

Chocolate can be chosen from milk, dark, white with fondue and eating fruits and sweets with chocolate. When ordering milk and dark this time, three kinds of sauce to which caramel sauce was added were carried.

Sweets such as brownies, marshmallows, cookies and fondues ......

Fruits such as banana and strawberry.

Because the candle is set under the container of chocolate or caramel, it is possible to attach chocolate in a troglo state without hardening.

That is why I coat strawberries with dark chocolate.

The compatibility of sour strawberries and dark chocolate is outstanding.

Continue to cook marshmallows on the central iron plate ......

Milk put in chocolate.

The crispy texture and slight bitterness of marshmallows a little cooked are good accent of milk chocolate. Although it is wrapped only in a part in the image, you can enjoy a different taste when you cook the whole marshmallow and crunchy inside the whole outside and then eat it.

Brownies are fondue with caramel.

Brownies themselves are sweet and sweet and the texture is smooth, so you can eat delicious as it is, but if you use caramel sweetness will double and it will be a perfect finish for sweet-loving people.

If you eat chocolate and drink coffee, and you repeat that, drinks will disappear in the blink of an eye, but you can not order additional orders at the moment. However, we are able to receive water freely in the store so we drink water and take a rest.

Bananas are eaten on two sources, dark chocolate and caramel. Fruits that are more moderately sour than sweets like marshmallows and brownies are better imprinted with chocolate.

80 'Milkshake · chocolate chunk pizza · classic As you continue to eat European, the inside of the mouth gradually crawls and it is "what is sweet ... ...". Bitter chocolate was used for chocolate chunk cookies, but I was touched by bitter chocolate, which would normally feel somewhat sweet, "not sweet!". Sweet things are getting hard, so I will leave cookies like this without attaching anything.

In addition, there is also an ant in the store where you can purchase chocolate for souvenirs.

Tasting was also possible for popular items coated with pecan nuts with chocolate.

Containers that can enjoy fondue at home are also on sale.

Although I did not notice it when entering the store, at the shop, a huge machine came swirling chocolate around.

Brownie was a little bitterly suited to the sweet chocolate for fondue ... ... and so was not done and each had a solid chocolate sweetness so if you asked for dessert you asked for a sweet drink recommendation. Besides this, there are a lot of desserts using chocolate in the menu, and there was no doubt that you can enjoy it if you like chocolate.

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