I tried two kinds of summer-only menus at "Matsuya" for "cold noodles" and "cold noodles with noodles"

In Matsuya of beef-d like chain, there are shops handling "Udon" at stores only. From Thursday May 28 (Thursday) "Udon cold noodles"Umade noodles with chilled tofuWe are selling two kinds of chilled udon named "Udon", so it's hot day, so I went to Matsuya to eat cold udon and to cool down.

Cooled Udon noodles | Menu | Matsuya Foods

Cool colored egg udon | Menu | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

At the shop front, it is appealing with cold noodles of store limitation in a cool light blue climb.

Using a large banner, the release of "chilled noodles" was announced.

When I entered the shop and looked at the ticket machine, I found cold udon. This time"Udon cold noodles"When"Umade noodles with chilled tofu"(Each single item 390 yen) was ordered. In addition, mini sizes of cold noodles (200 yen each), sets with mini-chilled udon on beef cattle (490 yen each), sets with cold noodles on mini-beef tallow (590 yen each) etc. are also on sale It was.

Menu arrives in about 5 minutes to wait.

First of all I will try to eat "cold noodle udon".

Udon noodles are involved in rice oil, sesame dumplings and meat miso.

From the green onions plenty on the noodles, there was a scent of tingle.

First of all, when trying to eat udon only, the noodles are pretty chewy and it is mochi and mouthfeel, sometimes tanned with water. It was cold noodle with soup with a sesame flavor that was slightly felt, because the hot pepper was spicy, so it was a menu that seemed to satisfy her stomach well even on a hot day without appetite.

Because the tamaki meat in the meat miso is small, it seems good to eat using the included Renge. Meat miso was also kept hot, it was a fancy feeling of fleshy meat frown.

Soup is small, only a little in the bottom of the bowl. As I drank it, the rich taste of sesame seems to be on the front, but when the pepper spicy pepper is working in eating, when it finishes eating, the circumference of the mouth is so tingy and it hurts a little did.

Then I will eat "cold noodles with tama noodles". The bowls differ, but the amount of udon is as cold as udon noodles. Toro is a name given because "Tororo" and "Mature egg" are topped.

The molar is quite plenty enough to occupy more than a third of the bowl.

Semi-eggs are cool in appearance with pulp.

I also have leeks, chopped sesame and sesame seasoning on condiments.

Udon Buddha was clear and light brown, and when I drank it gave a tasty taste of kelp and bonito.

Udon noodles are cool as well as rice udon as well as rice cake and elasticity. As much as the mackerel was bothered, the flavor of wheat was felt more strongly than chilled and udon noodles. The thick sticky feeling is slightly diluted, but the amount is large, so it was nice to eat plenty of noodles and eat it.

If you eat to a certain extent you try to eat eggs. Eggs were both yolk and white and semi - mature, like spa eggs.

When eating yolks and eggs and eating it, it was possible to eat tender taste without eating taste and texture as well as a rich flavor of thick sticky egg and a rich flavor of eggs.

"Chilled udon noodles" and "chilled tofu udon noodles" both have firm chewiness and eating response is outstanding. Even a cup of udon contains amounts that can be full. In addition, Matsuya stores dealing with udon menuCan be confirmed from hereis.

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