Sound comes out though it is an LED light bulb When listening to music at Sony's "LED bulb speaker", it was like this

On Saturday, May 23, 2015 Sony launched a new product LED bulb speaker "LSPX - 100 E 26 J" that incorporates a speaker in an LED bulb. Although it was not likely, I would like to ask where Sony aims to develop products with the concept of "onaname", which would have never thought of shaping almost anyone so far, to borrow actual equipment Since I could do it I actually touched and tried what kind of product it was.

LSPX-100E26J | Active speaker | Sony

"LSPX - 100E26J" arrives at the editorial department. In the package based on cardboard, illustration of people enjoying music with LED bulb speaker is drawn, and atmosphere like a miscellaneous goods a little.

When opening the top with a crispness, there is the character "Welcome to ♪ New Experience" there. I feel that I feel Sony's spirit trying to deliver products of a new genre.

Inside the box were the body of the LED bulb speaker, the remote control which can control the lighting and music playback · volume, and the instruction manual etc.

The tip of the LED light bulb speaker is covered with a transparent transparent glass cover, and a speaker with 40 mm aperture is built in the center of the tube.

Having it in your hands like this. I felt a weight that was more gruesome than a general light bulb because of a glass cover and a metal body.

Up of the speaker part. The cone part that produces sound was plated silver and the "SONY" logo was designed. It is a different taste design from common speakers, it seems that there is no speaker here if an unknown person sees it.

Looking at the speaker from the side, you can see the donut-shaped white ring projecting a little bit. It is made of material like a thin plastic film, it is an important part affecting the sound, so you need to be careful not to touch it directly or touch the ground.

The mouth part to be attached to the electric stand is E 26 type with a caliber of 26 mm. Although installation is OK even with a general electric stand, we can not use lighting type of dimming type or type of automatic lighting with human sensor. Also, because it is not waterproof, it was said that it can not be used in places with water such as a bath.

The button at the center of the remote control is a switch for turning on / off the LED light bulb, the surrounding ring is turning clockwise from the top, play / pause, Bluetooth pairing, volume up, timer on / off, volume down button It is getting. Furthermore, by turning the gray ring indicated by the red arrow left and right, it is possible to adjust the LED brightness to 30 levels.

◆ I tried to light up
First I attach it to a lighting fixture and try lighting the light. I prepared a general lighting stand that I used with an incandescent bulb.

How to install is exactly the same as other bulbs. By screwing together and screwing up, it is ok.

Is it a coincidence, or is it aiming? When tightening the light bulb, it stopped where the logo of "SONY" at the tip became level.

Installation is complete. After that, the LED light bulb got turned on with just pressing the button on the remote control.

Comparing the darkest state with the brightest state, it looks like this. I think whether it will be transmitted also from the photograph, but even if the brightness is fully opened, it will not become so bright that it can not be seen directly. It is becoming to emit a light of the orange line color, and it is understood that it is being adjusted to the atmosphere rather than the brightness.

You can check the state of lighting, dimming, turning off in the following movie as well.

Brightness adjustment of Sony's LED bulb speaker "LSPX - 100 E 26 J" is like this - YouTube

The light of the LED is designed to illuminate the white part in the glass cover from which light is diffused. It seems that the optical axis is mainly irradiated to the same front as the speaker, and the side direction is not lighted so strongly. It seems that it is made to deliver soft light to the aimed part, rather than lightly illuminating the surroundings.

I connected the LED light bulb speaker and the smartphone and tried putting out a sound.
Next, try using the music playback function, which should also be called the real value of this product. The connection with the smartphone is to pair with Bluetooth, and the profile corresponds to A2DP and AVRCP.

The pairing method is the same as the pairing of general Bluetooth equipment, just push the pairing switch of remote control, turn on Bluetooth on smartphone and select the device name "LSPX - 100E26J" OK. If you have used Bluetooth speakers even once in the past, you seem to be able to connect without hesitation.

You can check the appearance of pairing and actually making a sound with the following movie.

Pairing Sony's LED bulb speaker "LSPX-100E26J" with a smartphone and playing music - YouTube

It is a part of the sound quality that I care about, but as a frank impression "It was a more powerful sound than expected". Because the caliber of the speaker is as small as 40 mm, the deep bass of deep power can not be hoped for, but thanks to the clear sound quality of the outline, the sound never gets blurred, the instrument is clearly separated and refreshed It seems to be said that the sound quality is finished. It seems that it can be said that the genre such as acoustic music and jazz suits well better than the Bari Bali rock.

However, in the case of this product, it may be a bit incorrect to describe the sound quietly. In the atmosphere of soft light, it seems to be said that the usage that creates a space where music drifts casually is the most suitable product. The fact that there is no need to wire even the power cable even for the cable for sending voice also seems to be effective in creating the atmosphere.

Also, an application released for smartphones "SongPal"You can adjust the volume control and LED bulb dimming, and it is possible to adjust to the optimum sound quality with the preset equalizer.

It is a LED bulb speaker that can not be denied that it was a little surprised when I heard the product concept, but I felt it was possible to use it naturally matched in my life when I used it . Perhaps it is a perfect product for making the atmosphere that music was flowing when I noticed it.

Sony "LSPX - 100E26J" is handled at home appliance mass retailers and Sony stores nationwide at an open price, and Amazon is sold at a price from the late 23,000 yen range. SONY LED Light Bulb Speaker LSPX-100E 26J

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