I'm going to the "Yokohama family tree Ramen Kotobukiya Akasaka main store" where I can make a pig bone soy sauce soup

Yokohama's ramen shop · Yoshimura spread from the family "Yokohama family tree noodles"The soup is based on pork bone soy sauce and the noodles are medium sized noodles, and in addition to orthodox things such as green onion and menma, spinach and laver are used for topping. "Yokohama family tree ramen dancer houseSo, if I drink it without leaving the soup, I was told that he will give me a "full ticket" to receive one of the services of rice, noodles increase, glue rise, Mizu ball after the next time, so plenty of pig bone I went to taste the flavor.

Tokyo Akasaka · Kayabacho Yokohama family tree ramen dancer house

It is about 5 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Akasaka Mitsuke station or Akasaka station. A big lantern is a landmark.

In front of the shop there is an illustration of what ramen is.

This time I ordered "Pork Bone Soy Sauce Ramen (970 yen)" and "Pork Bone Soy Sauce Ramen (700 yen)".

When ordering, you will be asked the hardness of the noodle, the strength of the sauce, the amount of the umami oil. Both of them are "ordinary" this time.

I will wait for the completion of ramen at the seat.

Pork bone soy sauce ramen is a menu ordered by 74% of visitors. It is an overwhelming share .....

Garlic, chopped ginger, mustard miso, black pepper and vinegar are prepared in the seat, so we combined it with the adjustment of the hardness of the noodle, the strength of the sauce, the amount of the umami oil at the time of ordering, even if I ate it for the first time Sometimes I think that there is "a little different from your liking", you can find the taste of your choice.

Ramen arrived in a few minutes from the order.

What this large meat lump is on is "Pork bone soy sauce ramen with a sword." Compared to normal, there is a difference that adding pig + taste + 2 Nori dried + scallion ... ...

It is not a level called "pork augmentation" but a grade up process.

Huge on a thick cut.

A taste ball is one whole dawn.

Lift the middle thick noodle tangled tightly in the soup and slurp ... ....

It is a soup that seems to be fresh meat and flesh, but it slides along with straight noodles and slips into the stomach and does not make you feel heavy.

Masu balls melt with creamy soup, melt in the center of the yolk in the taste.

And, the presence of a solid pig. It is reasonable to eat reasonable that a single "pig tray" (400 yen) becomes a snack. No wonder it makes no mistake to order additional beer.

"Pork bone soy sauce ramen" which looks like a pretty lightly bowl compared to a sweetheart.

In the first place, the level of "swine" pig is too high, this chashu is also a solid taste compared to common barbecued.

Here I try to change the seasoning with mustard miso.

If you change the taste, you can eat without getting tired, but it is also true that the original taste may be impaired on the other hand. However, because the base of the single-ramen noodles is pretty solid, even if the color changes by adding mustard miso, the feeling that the taste is plus alpha, leaving the original taste. There is fun to explore the taste of your choice.

Clearly, I have a lot of quantity and soup is rich so I can not drink it, so I'm thinking that "a full coupon" is made, I will do that rich soup and it will fit in my stomach, from the bottom of the bowl " Complete "character appeared.

Get a full ticket.

You can now receive either one of Ajinomiyaki, Nori, Noodle, Rice. By the way, until the expiration date, you can receive as many as any number of people on a single card, there is no loss card.

Because family combination ramen is "strongest" in combination with rice, it is ant to get rice every time you eat ramen after getting a full ticket.

In addition to Akasaka, there are shops in Kayabacho and Akihabara. Akasaka Main Store · Kayabacho branch is closed on Sundays and public holidays, Akihabara store is open all year round. From the time I have a little hungry, until the time I want to become full and gutsy, it will be useful as it covers at any time.

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