Play organized songs such as Tetris' BGM with organ organized with 49 floppy disk drives

Floppy disks were adopted as storage media in various computers, but each manufacturer has finished floppy production,A generation never dealt with floppy also borndoing. I connected the FD drive reading the floppy which is no longer used, and made it possible to play a melody in conjunction with the keyboard of the electronic organ "Floppy-Orgel"is. Actually using Floppy-Orgel, a theme song of the movie "Titanic" and a movie playing BGM of the game "Tetris" gather various piano performance videosCreativePianoChannelIt is open to the public.

Die Floppy - Disk Orgel! - Toolbox - Bodensee e.V. - YouTube

A board with countless floppy disk drives installed was launched.

Open the red cover of the box located at the bottom of the board ...

Plug the power on.

Under the floppy disk drive boardElectronic organIs connected, and playing the keyboard began to sound a completely different mechanical tone from the ordinary organ.

This is a set of 49 floppy disk drives arranged side by side in conjunction with the keyboard. It has become possible to play music with a strong noisy melody or a sound such as "Kashakasha" a drive moves.

The first song is Korean pianist Ilma's "River flows in youI play.

The magnetic head that reads the floppy disk is moving in accordance with the keyboard, and one song playing quietly with the piano is a song like a gorigoro techno.

The second song is Celine Dion's theme song of the movie "Titanic"My Heart Will Go On".

Probably it is part of chorus, but the performance by the floppy disk organ is the main machine sound such as "J · Gee, Bubu", so if you do not know the title beforehand, you do not know the level.

As the third song, famous as the theme song of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"He's a Pirate(He is a pirate) "started playing.

If you listen with listening carefully, that melody is surely played, but if you use it for the theme song of a movie, it seems to become an SF movie.

The last song is Tetris' s theme song "Korobuchika".

Because the original is game music, it is being played with a tone that does not feel strange even compared with the original song. It was a magical organ that you can enjoy even just watching a floppy disk drive that moves while playing.

The German musical instrument shop that produced this "Floppy-Orgel"Toolbox Bodensee e.V."The program which manipulates the floppy disk drive with the keyboard and the STL file for the 3D printer of the hardware part are published on the following page so that those who care are able to make their own.

Floppy music stuff by Toolbox Bodensee - Thingiverse

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