A fierce person who plays the theme of Star Wars on a floppy disk drive appeared

Using items that have nothing to do with the music such as floppy disk drive, hard disk, and scanner, flowing at the opening of the movie Star Wars seriesStar Wars Theme"The fiercest man who played" appeared.

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I think that you do not know the meaning even if you say playing with a floppy disk drive, so please watch the movie below.

The Floppotron - YouTube

I used the floppy disk drive, hard disk, scanner to make an orchestraPawel ZadrozniakMr. is.

Floppy disk drive aligned narrowly.

Insert the floppy disk into the floppy disk drive.

This is the completed type of the orchestra. On the left side of the screen are two scanners, with 64 floppy disk drives in the back of the screen and 8 hard disks in front.

When the performance started, the scanner moved in the direction of the arrow and started playing the prelude of "Star Wars Theme" while sounding "Sudzudzudzu".

Floppy disk drive also participates in the performance, and it looks like an orchestra. The scanner and the floppy disk drive say that the stepping motor inside the device is playing the sound.

Eight hard disks are playing "ticking" while knocking the spindle motor with a magnetic head.

According to Pawel Zadrozniak, it is said that the pitch of the sound is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the rotation speed of the motor. Although Pawel Zadrozniak says "The mechanism is extremely simple", it should have taken a considerable amount of time to build up the devices so far ....

In addition, Pawel Zadrozniak has tried to play Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" using the same device, and it can be seen from the following movie.

The Floppotron: Smells Like Nerd Spirit - YouTube

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