"Imperial March (Darth · Vader's Theme)" Reborn as a Geeky Feeling Various

"The Empire's March (Darth Vader's Theme)" is one of the film music John Williams composed for the movie "Star Wars", as the title says, the Galactic Empire Army and Darth Vader's It is used as a theme. Its famous degree is a level that will associate instantly with this song as "something goes wrong" or "a bad guy comes out".

There is a very geek movie playing the "march of the empire" with Tesla coil and hard disk drive, so I will introduce it.

Details are as below.
First of all, hard disk drive played "Empire's March". I do not hear it from my PC.

YouTube - Hard-disk-drive playing the Imperial March

Subsequently, the "march of the empire" by the floppy disk drive. It is amazing to hear it properly.

YouTube - Star Wars Floppy Disk

"The March of the Empire" by Tesla Coil. There seemed to be not only one person who came up with this, there were multiple videos.

YouTube - ArcAttack Star Wars Imperial theme Chattacon 34 2009

YouTube - Star Wars - Imperial March theme on my midi based DRSSTC

If it says geek anyhow it is probably No.1.ArduinoIt uses a system called old system and old speaker.

YouTube - Arduino Imperial March

What is ringing by hand. I feel that this is ants as one act.

YouTube - Imperial March Manual (Hand Fart)

"The March of the Empire" with the Ocarina application of the iPhone. It seems that the degree of difficulty is high.

YouTube - "Imperial March" iPhone Ocarina

8 bit version "The Empire's March".

YouTube - 8-bit Star Wars: Imperial March A. K. A. Darth Vader Theme

Steel bread"The March of the Empire" who played in the center.

YouTube - Star Wars imperial march / Steelband version

At the end is Buckingham Palace "The Empire's March".The SDF plays "Heart catch Pretty Cure!"Is it like something?

YouTube - Buckingham Palace Marching Band Playing the Imperial March

In addition to this, various "Empire's March" such as drum only, trumpet only, orchestra version are uploaded to YouTube. It may be a song that you want to play something yourself.

17 Geeky Star Wars The Imperial March Theme Remakes | Walyou

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