Performing with multiple floppy disk drives "MrSolidSnake 745" music collection

As SD cards and USB came out, I did not see floppy disks, but using so many floppy disk drivesGhost BustersYouTube has uploaded a movie playing familiar songs such as Theme, Star Wars Empire March, Super Mario.

Ghostbuster's Theme on eight floppy drives - YouTube

First of all, the theme of Ghostbusters. I will play with 8 floppy disk drives.

As the drive starts to move, music flows out. The sound of this garbage isStepping motorIt is said that it is a sound when it moves.

Various songs are played besides this. This is familiar, James Bond's theme of 007.

James Bond Theme on eight floppy drives - YouTube

It is one of themes of the Toho ProjectBad Apple !!

Touhou - Bad Apple on eight floppy drives - YouTube

RockmanAt the beginning of the movie you can choose whatever you like from 15 songs. It is played by five floppy disk drives.

Megaman Collection on five floppy drives - YouTube

Star Wars'sEmpire's March (Darth Vader's Theme)He played on three floppy disk drives.

Imperial March on three floppy drives - YouTube

And a little dosey Super Mario.

Super Mario Remake - YouTube

There are other moviesThat number 50 or moreIt is said that we are currently recruiting requests.

By the way, MrSolidSnake745 who made this movieSammy 1 AmWe are performing using the software I made, audio and floppy disk drive, things to power (old computer is the best), computer,Software developed by Sammy 1 AmIt seems that anybody will be able to play with a floppy disk drive if there is one.

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