A video of playing music on '512 floppy disk drives' is now available

A video of a flashy march with the nostalgic sound of a floppy disk drive (FDD) has been released by Polish engineer and YouTuber Paweł Zadrożniak. Zadrożniak's latest work, which has

played the Star Wars theme on FDD in the past, shows a wonderful orchestra consisting of 512 FDDs, 16 HDDs, and 4 scanners.

The Floppotron 3.0 »Silent's Homepage

You can see how 'The Floppotron 3.0', which uses a large number of peripherals as an instrument, is actually playing from the following.

(2) The Floppotron 3.0 --Computer Hardware Orchestra --YouTube

Published in 2011, Zadrożniak's first The Floppotron was about playing the Imperial March , the so-called Darth Vader theme, on two FDDs.

In 2016, The Floppotron 2.0 has 64 FDDs, and 8 HDDs and 2 scanners have been added to make it gorgeous at once.

And this time Zadrożniak announces this The Floppotron 3.0.

Turn on the switch and start.

The song to be played is loaded. The program is ' Admission of the Gladiator '.

When the performance starts, each device starts to operate all at once, and the driving sound of the motor sounds like music.

The protagonists of The Floppotron 3.0 are 512 FDDs. The high-stacked FDD lamps blinking in time with the song is like an audio spectrum.

Besides, with 4 flatbed scanners ...

16 HDDs are used.

A gateway device that converts MIDI data to

RS-485 is used to control each device.

Power is supplied by 16 5V / 18A power supplies and 3 12V / 8A power supplies.

There is also an emergency stop button full of romance.

The back side of FDD looks like this.

In the future, they plan to add new equipment such as printers and lighting to make the orchestra even more luxurious.

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