A fierce man who remodeled a nostalgic iPod with 1TB of storage and enhanced battery capacity appeared

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iPod built-in HDD digital audio player released by Apple in 2001, only the iPod Touch with specifications similar to the iPhone was sold at the time of article creation, and the iPod Classic with an impressive click wheel was discontinued in 2014. Did. Software engineer Erie Huxtable has released the 2022 version of the iPod, which is a disassembled version of the 5th generation of the iPod Classic and has improved internal storage and battery.

Building an iPod for 2022

This is the 2022 iPod released by Mr. Hakustable. The internal storage has been replaced from 80GB HDD to 1TB flash memory.

The reason why he chose the 5th generation iPod for the modification is that 'the front is plastic and the case is easy to open' and 'it is equipped with a Wolfson Microelectronics DAC chip known for its excellent sound quality'. '. In addition, the RAM built into the iPod is 64MB for the 80GB model.

To modify it, first remove the back of the iPod and remove the battery using iFixit's dedicated repair kit .

Mr. Hakustable is lifting an 80GB HDD. HDD is vulnerable to vibration, so it is wrapped in urethane-like impact-resistant material.

The flat cable connected from the logic board can be easily removed by lifting the black lever.

Replacing the HDD is an iFlash Quad that can insert up to 4 SD cards. According to Mr. Hakustable, flash memory consumes less power and emits less heat than SSD, so we chose SD card insertion type flash memory instead of SSD. Also, since the size is thinner than the HDD, it is possible to use the vacant gap for other modifications. However, iPod firmware can compete with large amounts of storage, so you'll need to use unofficial firmware like Rockbox .

The iPod Classic battery has a capacity of 500 to 600mAh, which is considerably smaller than that of a smartphone. Therefore, Mr. Hakustable said that he replaced it with a 3000mAh battery purchased by mail order.

In addition, he said, 'I like the skeleton where the internal structure of the gadget can be seen,' so the front panel was changed to a transparent plastic panel.

The metal case on the back is engraved with the letters '1TB' instead of '80GB'.

After installing Rockbox, I have installed an OS for iPod called

FreshOS . With this, it seems that music files can be played by simply copying them to the iPod without using iTunes.

With the introduction of Rockbox, it functions as a volume controller by connecting it to a MacBook.

Of course, ' DOOM ' is also playable.

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