It turned out that a Twitter user had shown an advertisement that prompted suicide

ByJordi Bernabeu Farrús

TransgenderIt is displayed on the timeline of Twitter usersPromo tweetsHowever, it is a problem as it is a content of high-grade water that prompts the user to commit suicide.

Troll uses Twitter adverts to urge transgender people to kill themselves | Technology | The Guardian

The problem was promotional tweets targeted to transgender Twitter users, which were tweeted from the account "@ Caitlin_Roperr". On the profile of this account, it seems that it was written that "it is an Austrian-born activist and a feminist activist", but all profiles including facial photographs are "@ Caitlin_roper"Copied the registration information of another account called" In other words, "@ Caitlin_Roperr" was a spoofing account of "@ caitlin_roper".

This impersonation account called "@ Caitlin_Roperr" caused the tweets to prompt suicide by targeting transgender users by using a paid advertisement function, so that the tweets quickly made time for many users It was displayed on the line and it became a big problem.

What kind of promo tweets actually were displayed is as follows.

At the end of the sentence "You can not change your gender even if you are a surgically operated transgender, just turning yourself into a malformation, making it a miserable existence" at the end of the sentence, "Kill yourself" ......

This user has tweeted "What the fucking FUCK?!" (What a damn lad ?!) to the promotional tweet ... ...

If you look closely at the image, malicious content written as "Commit suicide now" is displayed.

The user Marie Le Conte is pretty obscurious, protesting the official Twitter account.

Marie Le Conte's timeline displayed the word "Get a rope & hang yourself".

In addition, the spoofing account "@ Caitlin_Roperr" has already been frozen by the user's report, and the tweet which became problem was also deleted. Real victim Caitlin Roper reveals that he has been plagued by a number of unpleasant tweets due to impersonation accounts as mentioned in the following tweets.

Twitter changed the usage policy in AprilAnd crackdown on violations related to "violence and intimidation" should have become more severe than before.

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