Twitter officially announces "display tweets other than followers on timeline" function

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"Recommended users" may be displayed on Twitter's timeline, but officially announced that even the "related user's tweet" that is not such a follow-up opponent is also displayed on the timeline It was done.

Twitter Help Center | What's a Twitter timeline?

Twitter now officially says your timeline is more than just tweets from people you follow - Quartz

Explain the Twitter timeline feature "What's a Twitter timeline?"Page has been updated and the following functions are newly added.

· We may add it to your timeline when you identify the account you are following, content of other popular accounts or related accounts. In other words, it means that tweets of unfollowed accounts are occasionally visible. Twitter identifies a variety of elements such as popularity and relevance of your account, and the goal is to make the timeline finally more interesting.

So, when Twitter finds a user that seems to be highly relevant to the user, tweets of people who do not know it at all are displayed, and on the contrary, their tweets are displayed on the timeline of unknown people ,about it. Twitter has been testing this feature for some users,QuartzIs there anyone who likes such private functions? The answer is NO. "

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