Twitter discontinues the display of wallpaper, from now on change specifications only on a partial screen


Twitter changed the specification of the web version screen, it became clear that the wallpaper displayed on each user's home page and timeline screen was deleted and changed to a solid color background. From now on, the background image customized by each user will be displayed only on some screens.

Twitter just removed your homepage wallpaper, and people are furious

Twitter looks uglier now since it just removed your home page wallpaper | The Verge

This change seems to have been implemented on Monday, July 20, and Twitter responds to Mashable's inquiry, "Twitter has deleted background images from Twitter's home and notification timeline of all users After the change, the background image will be displayed only on the tweet page, the list page, the collection page which can be viewed by the logged in user publicly.In regard to the customization of the design and the place to be displayed Help center TheThis pageYou can browse from. "

"Twitter spokesperson told Mashable Monday." Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (Tweet pages, list pages And collections pages. You can find help center content about customizing your design and where it's visible on Twitter here.

Also on the Japanese page on Twitter it was written as "Customized design theme can be displayed to the user who clicked on the details of the tweet."

Twitter Help Center | Customize design

You can make the customized design theme visible to the user who clicked on the details of the tweet and displayed. Design is not displayed on the profile page or home timeline except for theme color

As a matter of fact, I checked on the page of the user whose background image is displayed. I tried to test it is an American talent · comedianConan O'BrienThe tweets that Mr. tweeted below.

When I show this tweet unit as a web version it looks like this. Logos and photos are displayed on the left and right of the page, and you can see at a glance that the design is understandable on anyone's page.

On the other hand, when Ole Olean's profile page is displayed, it is in this state. Previously similarly there was no logo or photo displayed, and it was changed only to display a white background and a set theme color, light blue.

To this change, Twitter users also have confused and angry voices, and those who comment "My same mistake as MySpace!" ...

Some people who remembered disappointment and anger, "My Twitter's background became pure white, it's okay, it's ugly" also showed a feeling on Twitter.

In addition, on Twitter, on July 20th local time, we have opened the page of "Twitter safety center" which explained security and safe usage on Twitter.

Introducing the new Twitter Safety Center | Twitter Blogs

In the actual page, it is written about the login and authentication method to keep the account secure, the method for protecting privacy, and the reporting system. Although the screen is English, since the link destination from each item can be read in Japanese, it seems to be helpful as well, including the meaning of confirmation if you let it go through the first time.

Safety Center | About

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