"Amazon Login & Payment" that you can shop online without first registering on a net shopping site that you use for the first time with Amazon account

Amazon can use the account information of Amazon.co.jp to login & settle online e-commerce site "Amazon Login & amp; PaymentWe announced. Even at the EC site used for the first time, you can purchase & ship items without having to register the account.

Amazon customers to your site customers | Amazon Login & Payment

How you can use online shopping at Amazon Login & Payment can be understood in a single shot by watching the following movie.

Introduction of Amazon Login & Payment - User version - YouTube

To make more net shopping life comfortable.

Amazon's answer is "Amazon Login & Payment"

For sites that purchase products for the first time, it is necessary to register personal information such as names and delivery destinations, but this is a very laborious thing.

Also, login ID and password management is also very troublesome. Everyone should have experience of forgetting passwords.

If you have Amazon login & payment such a trouble is goodbye.

You can use Amazon account information on the EC site where Amazon Login & Payment is installed.

Of course, you can also use the shipping address registered to Amazon, credit card number and so on.

Therefore, it is unnecessary to input the shipping address and credit card information.

You can click on the item with the shortest 2 clicks.

In Amazon Login & Payment, credit card information registered with Amazon will not be handed off to the EC site. Therefore, even if you do not want to give credit card information to a site you are not used to, you can use it with confidence.

Furthermore, even if there is a problem with the purchased item, Amazon will support it under certain conditions.

With Amazon account alone, you can use Internet shopping securely and comfortably without entering information on various EC sites.

"Amazon Login & amp; Payment" is a business model that earns a commission from the EC site, so users can use the service for free. Service has already started at 2013 since Amazon.com etc. "Login and Pay with AmazonIt finally landed in Japan.

Already,Shiki Theatrical CompanyYaDelivery houseIt is now possible to use Amazon login & amp; payment, and on these sites we have a gift campaign commemorating the start of service.

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