Xiaomi boasting the overwhelming COSPA smartphone "Mi 4i" is likely to dominate emerging markets Deki

In the less than four years since its foundation, he became a global smartphone maker and has grown rapidly to the presence now threatening SamsungXiaomi(Shoomi Technology: Shaomi) is about 25,000 yen, 8 core SoC, 5 inch full HD display, 2 GB memory, LTE compatible smartphone "Mi 4iWe announced. It seems that it can be said that it is the birth of high cost performance smartphones that are likely to dominate the market, mainly in emerging markets.

2015 Global Mi Phone Premiere: Mi 4i at Rs.12, 999 with MIUI 6 on Android L - India - Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum

You can check what kind of smartphone "Mi 4i" is in the following promotion movie.

Mi 4i - Innovation made compact - YouTube

Xiaomi's smartphone series name is "mi"

This is the new smartphone "Mi 4i" aimed at emerging markets. The SoC has a large capacity battery of Snapdragon 615 (1.7 Ghz 8 core), 2 GB of memory, 16 GB of storage and 3120 mAh of storage.

Mi 4i is a necessary and sufficient smart phone that can handle various scenes. OS adopts Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Produce familiarity with pop color.

This color variation is reminiscent of iPhone 5c.

The rear camera equipped with a five-layer lens with F value of 2.0 has 13 million pixels. Two types of sensors are made by Sony and Samsung.

Two kinds of ants made by Sharp and JDI liquid crystal display. Either way, it is clear that high quality parts are used for cameras and displays.

The exterior is five colors of pink, blue, white, yellow and black.

Silver color on side button.

The thickness is 7.8 mm and the weight is 130 g.

You can see that the bezel width is also quite narrow.

Mi 4i will be released in India on April 30, 2015. The price is 12,999 rupees (about 25,000 yen). With Mi 4i with the necessary and sufficient performance for the price of the middle range, Xiaomi intends to deprive emerging markets beginning with India.

The announcement event of that Mi 4i was held in New Delhi, India on April 23, 2014. This is an invitation of Xiaomi where Apple's invitation and design totally controversial.

It is compared with iPhone 6 as a rival machine at the recital. Mi 4i is "10% larger display" than "iPhone 6", "7% higher screen share".

Various benchmarks are also presented. The Antutu score is over 40,000, and it shows off overwhelming performance as a smartphone with a price range of about 25,000 yen.

There are 16 kinds of corresponding bands and abundant.

With dual SIM slot installed, no communication around communication.

In addition, Xiaomi has released a movie showing the performance of the liquid crystal display that Mi 4i vividly displays even in bright places during the day.

Sunlight Display dramatically improves readability on Mi 4i - YouTube

It seems that the curtain has closed in the luncheon event at the recital event.

Xiaomi's Mi 4i which realized necessary and sufficient performance such as 3120 mAh high capacity battery despite the price of about 25,000 yen middle range, 8-core SoC supporting 64 bits, the latest Android OS installed, It is finished in smartphones that are likely to be accepted not only by emerging countries but also by many users of developed countries. Continuing to take a big break from smartphone sales share in Samsung's emerging markets Xiaomi is expected to intensify offensively in emerging markets by Mi 4i and many smartphone manufacturers will target this device in the future As it will be forced to develop new products.

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Xiaomi Mi 4i sold 40,000 initial arrival shipments in India in just 15 seconds on sale day.

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