I bought "Ultimate Spin-Sugar" made using the technique of a single-sided phone at a Japanese specialty shop in Japans and eat it

The only Japanese specialty shop in Japan "Green Shuan Shimizu(Ryuguju Anshimizu) "is made up by the technique of a single child, because only a few tastes of different tastes are made each month, waiting for cancellation every year"Ultimate Spin Sugar"is. Such an ultimate Kinsperse series released in May is "The ultimate champagne of Chateau Van Bran"It is about Kimpei, which uses the first-class precious wine made in Sauternes village of France and Bordeaux region, so I tried to see what kind of taste it actually eats.

Midori Shimizu [Ryokuju Anshimizu]

Midori Shimizu is located near Kyoto University in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, the nearest station is Keihan Departure Toyousei Station.

The appearance of the store is such a feeling, it is very well-established such as a well-established store.

Business hours are from 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock, the holidays are Wednesday and the fourth Tuesday.

Outside the store there is also a sign written about the history of Kim. Especially according to it, Konpei is a sweet brought from Portugal in 1546. It was also presented to that Oda Nobunaga, and it seems that its manufacturing method has been kept secret from Nagasaki to Kyoto and Edo until it spreads. Although the inside of the shop is forbidden to shoot, various items such as kinspringles and seasonal items that are sold throughout the year are lined up, and various sprinkles packaged as gifts are on sale.

Since recommended smelt sugar is also introduced, if you do not know what to buy you should choose the one you recommend, it will not be wrong.

That's why I bought Spring sugar.

The ultimate Chateau van Bran sports sugar is contained in a wooden box, and it releases a different mood with a different atmosphere than Konpea which you can purchase for hundreds of yen already.

When I put the iPhone 6 on the wooden box, it looks like this.

The height is also considerable, "Can not you doubt that" Is white wine inside as it is? "

If you look closely at the wooden box, it says "CHATEAU VIN BLANC KONPEITO" (Chateau · Van Blanc Kingspeare) "and you can see that it is a wooden box specially designed.

In the middle of the box is a sealant wiping out the initial letter "R" of Midori Shimizu.

Cut the ribbon that stops the upper lid of the box ... ...

Multiple papers from inside.

From the left from the green leaflet flyer, the ultimate chateau van blanc's explanation of the spirit, the paper about the correct eating and returning of sprinkle.

Below that there is such a bottle.

Bottle size is about 2 times iPhone 6.

That's why I can open the stopper immediately.

Transparent vinyl sticks out of the bottle.

It seems that she is protecting it so that it does not break by putting vinyl inside. Incidentally, there was even a few centimeters above the label of the bottle.

When peeping inside, with the myriad of sprinkles, the scent of sweet alcohol.

I tried popping the sprinkle on the glass.

This is the ultimate Chateau Van Bran sports sugar. The irregularities are formed firmly on the surface of each grain of spinach, and white wine is used as a raw material, but it has the same shape as ordinary sprinkle.

Looking up, the surface has a shiny gloss, beauty like a jewel.

That's why Pakuri is at once. When chewing in the mouth gorgeous fragrance overflows at a stretch, coupled with elegant sweetness and alcoholic scent, a strange feeling as if you are just eating excellent white wine as it is. In the editorial department of GIGAZINE "opinion rather than white wine champagne!" Or "close to sake" is also spurt, sweetness and the characteristic fragrance of fermented food are impressive, not obviously for children. Although it is a very elegant taste, there are also opinions that the sourness and astringency are hardly felt, and thus the white wine-likeness is diminished. When putting a little strength in the mouth, it collapses to the bottle, and the point that you can enjoy the unique texture that you feel jerijali is exactly the same as ordinary sprinkle, but the taste and fragrance are extremely elegant and it is a waste to eat at a stroke for wasteful food It is getting.

Considering the taste as well as the beauty of the package, it seems to be very good as a gift, and the receiving side is sure to receive a big surprise in both design and taste.

In addition, raw materials of "ultimate chateau · van blanc's sprinkle" are granulated sugar, starch, white wine, glutinous rice, fragrance only.

Next I will eat the seasonal limited "Campagnolo 's Sprinkle".

Here you can enjoy the fruity flavor of cherries, it is likely to be deliciously eaten by children. Very fragrant, I can hardly feel the sourness, but it looks amazing and it will be very pleasing as a small gift.

We also bought "Vanilla's Sprinkle" for the whole year so I will eat it. For the whole year sales of the golden sachet sachet weighing 45 grams, you can purchase easily. Melons, strawberries, vanilla and various kinds of flavors such as cider are prepared.

Vanilla has a strong vanilla aroma at the moment of chewing, and the fragrance of vanilla goes through the nose inside the eating mokumog. Everyone had elegant taste modestly sweet.

In addition, the ultimate Champa · Van Bran noodle sugar, which is the ultimate Kinspei series, is 8500 yen excluding tax, seasonal limited "campagnol candy" is 1950 yen excluding tax, year-round sales "Vanilla's Sprinkle" It is 555 yen without tax.

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