I tried to eat Sasaya Iori's "Dorayaki" which is sold only for 3 days each month

Japanese sweets specialty shop in Kyoto "Sasaya Iori"Was opened in 1716, is a long-established store with a history that will be 300 years since its inception. Especially goods famous for Sasaya Iori are wrapped in bamboo skin in the shape of a cylinder sold since the end of the Edo periodDorayaki".Kobo Daishi (Kukai)I bought it and tried to eat it because it was a special dish only released before and after the 21st day of my death.

Dorayaki | Japanese sweets specialty store in Kyoto "Sasaya Iori"

Dorayaki of Sasaya Iori is sold in a state wrapped in paper.

Raw materials are wheat flour, sugar, red beans, reduced starch glycated products, syrup, honey, vegetable oils and fats.

When peeling off the outer paper, a box with a pattern appeared.

Taking out of the box,gongDrawn paper and dumplings buried in bamboo leaves appeared.

It was also wrapped in vinyl.

I will open it at once.

When peeling the bamboo leaves, a columnar dragonfly appeared. The outside is a crepe-like atmosphere rather than "dorayaki."

There are small holes on the surface, with grilled eyes.

There are plenty of antlers until the end.

Cutting with bamboo leaves is the right way to eat and cut it with bamboo leaves attached.

Although it was slightly difficult to cut, the cut was completed.

When I try to eat it, the dorayaki peel overlaps many layers like a mill crepe, and with a texture that is rice crisp, it matches an elegant sweet bean paste. Because the texture is quite close to crepe, it can be felt like a sweet while it is a Japanese sweet but bamboo slightly smells fragrant Japanese taste.

Even if it warms it is good to eat deliciously, try warming up with a range.

When you try to eat it with warming, the smell of bamboo becomes stronger, and the taste of the sum becomes stronger. Because it was also recommended to warm up in the oven, we tried to warm it in the oven, but it was felt stronger than bamboo scent when baked, so it is recommended to bake if you want to make use of the goodness of bamboo leaves.

The price of dorayaki of Sasaya Iori is 1512 yen including tax and can be purchased at 37 stores in Sasaya Iori nationwide from 20 to 22 every month. You can also purchase through mail order, but since the monthly reservation deadline is 15 days, attention is required.

Dorayaki | Japanese sweets specialty store in Kyoto "Sasaya Iori"

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