What are the ten lessons about entrepreneurs who fired 100 people and felt glory and setbacks?


Russian service which makes fashionable photographs fashionable wall hanging interior "FinicVitaliy Rizhkov who started business without online business experience and achieved the highest monthly sales of about 120 million yen, but eventually lost about 180 million yen, 100 employees who have lost It is person who says to be dismissed. Mr. Rizhkov has released ten lessons learned from a spectacular startup experience.

История ошибок и падений: Как потерять $ 1,5 миллиона за три месяца и преуспеть

What I Learned Losing $ 1.5m of My Own Money

In 2008, Mr. Rizhkov launched the service "Idooble" that you can earn money if you buy a friend by buying Amazon items to friends on Facebook on Facebook, and in just over a year from the start up 40,000 users Although it succeeded in gathering, Idooble was forced to quit because it turned out that it needed a lot of money to extend the service.

Mr. Rizhkov, who decided to end the first startup he had done, was operating with fund-raising startupAffiliate marketingI made a keen interest in the management of the company and assigned employees hired by Idooble in a sliding manner as it is to the company. In 2012, we also began developing tools for affiliate marketing, and achieved a monthly sales of about 120 million yen a year after Idooble was terminated.

Two years after the end of Idooble, employees increased to 100 people and moved to a new office, Mr. Rizhkov's business looked great. However, despite the increase in sales from the second quarter of 2013, Rizhkov, who has been busy with busy work, has worked more than 16 hours a day and can not take any holidays at all. With stress, Mr. Rizhkov's heart is always worried and nobody can trust him, thanks to the new bill passed by the National Assembly, many of Rizhkov's clients' clients have frozen bank accounts and their sales decline. We will be unable to pay salary, eventually dismissing 100 employees who will cause about 180 million yen damage.

Rizhkov who tasted a big setback, but after that he started a startup named Finic in 2014, writing articles, it seems that it is working well without major failure at the moment. Mr. Rizhkov has released 10 lessons learned from a spectacular startup experience in order to make Finic's operation transparent and to look back on her mistake and it can be confirmed from the following.

◆ 01: Can not subcontract

ByAndy Ihnatko

Although it seems that outsourcing seems to contribute to savings from a short-term point of view, it is said that wasteful use of funds from a long-term perspective will result in lower productivity. This is based on the actual experience that productivity dropped considerably as soon as Mr. Rizhkov went to the outsourcing company when Mr. Rizhkov got better productivity.

◆ 02: Do not just start your own business or manage yourself

ByThe U.S. Army

If you co-establish with others, you can have a person in the same position as yourself. It is better not to start a business alone, but to find a person with the same vision as yourself or a person who wants to do business with them, it is better to start up.

◆ 03: Do not take time to make decisions

BySean MacEntee

One of the big mistakes Mr. Rizhkov regrets is late in making decisions. Decision making was delayed when I stopped Idooble 's service, so it caused more damage than if I quickly made a decision.

◆ 04: Do not lie to yourself or to others

ByDaniela Vladimirova

Mr. Rizhkov always tells herself "Since success is right there" since entrepreneurship, and he seems to have overlooked the problem which had occurred in the company thanks to. The problem which had been neglected deteriorated and it caused damage to the company and employees, so I think that I still think that if I face the reality without telling lies to myself.

◆ 05: Do not sacrifice family or health

ByJon Haynes Photography

Everyone should have experienced that work is an obstacle to family communication. Mr. Rizhkov learned that family and health are top priorities and are more important than money, honor, success, and career.

◆ 06: External investment and personal loans are prohibited at the initial stage of entrepreneurship

ByTax Credits

Shortly after the start-up started, it is better to stop borrowing money from the outside at the time when even a business model can not be established. It is irresponsible to rely on external funds at the stage where a business model can not be established and it seems to be unfair.

◆ 07: Focus on what you know

ByBunches and Bits {Karina}

It is impossible to develop business in areas that do not have knowledge or experience and are not interested. When Mr. Rizhkov entrepreneurs in a field he does not know at all, in most cases it has failed due to excessive use of funds. To avoid failure, to advance the project one step at a time in areas where you have some knowledge and interests.

◆ 08: Excessive employment is prohibited


When employing a person after starting a business, it is important not to rush but to take people over time. Mr. Rizhkov hired employees without taking time in a busy period and was unable to look at the education of new recruits and eventually became unable to trust his men from the bottom of my heart. When hiring a person, it is necessary to carefully select personnel over time and help them to integrate with companies and project teams.

◆ 09: It is not a business for money


It is natural that you make money as a business purpose, but making money is not the most important matter. In the case of Mr. Rizhkov, while he caught on an affiliate marketing company, he dislikes affiliate marketing company 's work, he said, "If you founded a company that specializes in what you like, it is more productive, It may have been happiness to work. "

◆ 10: Anyway endure

ByPaolo Margari

Failure to operate the company is inevitable, and it is normal to repeat failure every day. However, if you care about failure, your heart will be sticky. Accepting mistakes committed every day and getting one step closer to success if you can learn from failure. It is important to endure anyway to endure.

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