10 things absolutely not told by the founders who succeeded in starting up

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There are lots of things to do "when you do not do it" and "if you do not do it" when launching startup, you may not know where to start from, but on the contrary it makes the startup successful PeopleTen things never to sayToA Smart BearIt is summarized.

10 things I 've never heard a successful startup founder say by @ ASmartBear

01: Software created for me recorded a lot of sales, but it was within the range of assumption.

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02: After employing several employees, the CEO 's work has become easier, it was not a trivial problem, I was able to concentrate on high - level corporate strategy.

ByTim caynes

03: I should have cut down the time I talked with potential customers before designing the interface and writing the code.

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04: When entering the company form at startup "Limited company"S corporation"Deciding which of the" corporate "to choose will make a big difference in the success of the later start-up.

ByPaul bica

05: The decision to sell the company was easy because no one opponent had taken it.

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06: When I just started up, the customer is told at all, "Our company is freshly founded", "There are no employees", "Bugs are included in sold software" etc There was not.

ByEd Yourdon

07: Thanks to the software patents you applied, there was no powerful competitor.

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08: What was most effective among the marketing campaigns that the company did was "Impressive but meaningless, only soundable propaganda" and "Unspecified appeal".

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09:MBABecause we did not have a degree in the company, establishing a company from scratch was more difficult than others.


10: It was wisely morally and financially wiser to just jump in and do not do what you thought, read more books and place emphasis on experts' stories and philosophy books.

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