11 ways to make employees and customers happy and improve business performance

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"When we can make both employees and customers happy" is aimed at by the founder and CEO of the company, it is difficult to realize both in reality. The method necessary to realize what business managers of all such enterprises want is described as mail management software "Front"Front of the startup that develops"11 ways to make employees and customers happy and improve business performance"We publish it as.

Company Culture Hacks for Happy Employees and Customers

◆ 01: Start all about "business" from "why"

According to Front, many companies start with "what they are doing" when describing their business to employers and customers, then continue to say "how to deploy the business", it is quite "why that business It is not easy to reach until "to expand". In order to grasp the minds of employers, it is necessary to first explain the reasons rather than the content and method of the business. When interviewing employees, "Why my company exists", "Why did you choose to work at your company" and "Why customers are using their products" When presenting a product road map It is important to start with "why" such as "why customers can benefit from products" or "why new products' products can grow the company"?

Notable for making a wonderful presentation at TEDSimon CinecMr.'s book "Start with WhyAs you can see in the sentence "Customers do not purchase what you are doing but pay for the reasons you are doing it", as you can see, one can start with "why" It is the greatest shortcut to satisfy both employees and customers.

◆ 02: Understand corporate value

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It is important to discuss with the employees how the company's business related to corporate value functions and is being executed. We should discuss with employees about everything that makes up the company, ranging from the management of the website of the company to the terms of service such as the terms of business directly from business to indirect part such as workplace environment. It is said that people outside the company are asked about corporate value and it is useless to think about it and it is just right that you understand corporate value through everyday work and can answer immediately.

◆ 03: Attractive corporate culture

ByTammy Camp

Corporate culture is an important element to attract employees and customers. Since the attractiveness of a company can be influenced by one way of showing corporate culture, it is important to ask yourself once again the corporate culture of your company and also to show its way of showing.

◆ 04: Have employees have their own shares

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Besides salaries, it is the company's ownership that is effective in raising employee motivation. In recent years, excellent talent tends to show interest in holding rather than high salary. Moreover, by giving a holding, employees concentrate on raising corporate value. If you give a holding and set your salary low, you can hire new talent with the surplus funds.

◆ 05: Give employees adequate rest

ByJoey Yee

Long hours work brings short-term growth to the company, but there are not many benefits when looking at long-term viewpoints, such as employee getting sick, exhausting, and lowering motivation. Growing fastNetflixYaHubspotWe carefully care about our employees, giving employees an unlimited vacation.

◆ 06: Utilizing analysis data

ByDave Dugdale

When analytical data is released to each department, employees can understand the real corporate value of the company. If you set up a display that displays analysis data in each department and allow all employees to see the company's indicators, employees will concentrate on what to do to improve the data figures.

◆ 07: All employees are placed at the front line of the company

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It is basic of business to make existing customers happy and increase new customers. That's why all employees should be at the forefront of contacting customers. As employees and customers communicate, employees can learn "what is necessary to meet customer needs" and "product shortcomings." Customer support is best suited to the forefront of arranging employees.

◆ 08: Give transparency to communication

ByMahdi Abdulrazak

"To give transparency to communication" is to share all in-house e-mails and to ensure that all employees have access to important data within the company. Although it seems to be a crazy idea, it improves the trust from employees, it becomes possible to make a quick decision, and as a result teamwork improves.

◆ 09: Elimination of the executive office

ByThinh Pham

There should not be any employees who do not know anyone of the CEO of the company, so you do not have to bother to inform the public about who you are CEO by building the executive office. The executive office can become an obstacle when employees want to talk to the CEO. Keep leaping with Notepad management applicationEvernoteTakes an officer to shift to work at an internal cafe for only one hour per week so that every employee can communicate with officers while drinking coffee.

◆ 10: Positive attitude

ByLen Matthews

Attitudes of CEOs are easy to convey to employees, attitudes of employees are easy to convey to customers. In other words, if the CEO takes a negative attitude inside the company, business will also be affected. Keep in mind that avoiding critical expressions and securing bright human resources even when employees are recruiting, as much as possible within the company atmosphere.

◆ 11: Feedback present


Feedback is a good material for looking at products and services from different angles and is an indispensable factor for company growth. It is very important to analyze feedbacks, such as "Managing feedback on products / websites / official blogs", "Who is feedback," how did you deal with the content pointed out in feedback? There are many things to learn by properly processing feedback.

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