Eight things that an excellent CEO is practicing to increase productivity and achieve 100% or more results

ByCharis Tsevis

On average CEOs, the top companies, work 14 hours x 300 days a day, totaling 4200 hours a year in total. The figure of 4,200 hours has the impression "Is it too much?", But it seems that this is not enough, as the company CEO is devoting many hours to email checks and meetings. He says he spends a lot of his time with an excellent CEO in one yearBill TrenchardThinks that the CEO who performs superhuman work effectively discloses the eight ways practiced to raise productivity more than 100% a day by effectively using time while raising productivity.

70% of Time Could Be Used Better - How the Best CEOs Get the Most Out of Every Day

◆ 1: clearly refusing

ByMarc falardeau

As the company grows, personal connections will spread and the number of meetings and dinners with other people outside the company will increase. One of the problems that arises when people are spreading may be asked from an old friend "Do you want to introduce everyone?" It is difficult to declare at the time of startup of our company because it is the side I was asking for, but these requests somewhere draw a line and I have to decline it all. By refusing, you avoid time wasted meetings that can happen in the future, saving time. However, be careful not to be rude when refusing. If the same case happens over and over again, tell them to create a template and decline by e-mail, you can save even more time.

◆ 2: Save time spending on email


It takes a lot of time to check the mail and read only the necessary items. According to Trenchard, in order to reduce the time allocated to e-mails, "Read e-mail every time you receive" "Make two to four times to check e-mail on a single day" "Assistant or software that only distributes important e-mails Three methods of "to introduce" are effective.

If you can reply within 2 minutes, replying immediately will save more time for mail. Also, if you use Gmail, you will be able to reduce mailing time by about 30% if you learn shortcuts.

◆ 3: Management of health and fitness


Trenchard says that modern people have less time to exercise and sit on a chair for an average of 9.3 hours a day. This is more than sleeping time per day, which has an adverse effect on health as well as work efficiency. Trenchard says that as a way to do exercise while doing work, it is better to have a one-on-one meeting while walking in the park. Also,Standing deskYou can also introduce one hand.

◆ 4: Leave the subordinate the task of repeating it many times a day


Work that you repeat many times a day can save you time by putting the manual in a note and leaving it to your subordinate or assistant. A successful startup company that Trenchard knows has systematized work and procedures that everyone can do.

◆ 5: External meeting


For important matters When you meet business partners, clients such as clients, you should have experienced anyone who could not make a useful meeting so that you can build enough human relations with that person. By taking communication from private aspects other than work, you can make deeper relationships with others and make meetings useful.

◆ 6: Internal meeting

BySilicon Beach Training

Startup companies tend to do too many meetings, so we need to reduce the number of times. In a meeting with low importance, you can just create a collection of materials that you need and store them in a shared folder, cloud, etc. and instruct them to read other employees.

If it is a highly important meeting that determines the direction of the project, it will take time and effort. When the details of the project are decided, it runs without time. The advantage of startup is that you can respond quickly if you make a few changes.

◆ 7: Use of assistant


By using convenient software, you can realize productivity that does not reach that of humans, but its performance is also limited. Therefore, if you can afford, hiring an assistant is one option. There is no problem with assistants who can respond from outside the company, but it is better to hire full-time people who can stay in the company if possible.

◆ 8: Subordinate care


The CEO who Trenchard felt most outstanding the most recently it is doing is to walk around the company and talk to employees. I will improve the work speed of employees, such as "What is struggling with my work?" "Can you cooperate somewhat to get rid of work obstacles?" Some employees are afraid of failures and they become cautious. Some employees are slow working speed, so persuade those employees to work without concern for small mistakes. If you carefully carry out employee care and raise the overall work speed, you will eventually be able to use your time effectively.

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