What are the eight merits and disadvantages of remote work that I found from my 5 year experience?

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Companies that gradually introduce 'remote work' where each person works at their own place without gathering in one office are increasing gradually. Although it is a remote work that seems to have various merits and demerits, the top of the company actually carried out for five years summarizes the positive side and the negative side into eight points.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Remote Work (After 5 Years of Experience)

"Learning at home or geographically independent lifestyle has become an extremely important opportunity for me."Ionut NeaguWill provide tools such as web designCodeinWPIn fact, he was a person who launched a company such as the fact that he did not have a positive positive impression on the remote work actually. However, we first introduced a remote work by trying it. Based on the experience gained over 5 years, I pointed out the following points.

◆ 1: Schedule a work schedule of "Futatsu no Hito"
If you are not sure that you can continue doing your work for as many days without sleeping as it is an extreme night type, let your work time be allocated between 7 am and 7 pm, just like a normal person about. There are two reasons for this, in terms of the efficiency of your own work efficiency and the work time of the people around you.

Besides that, even if you go to dinner with a friend after work and think about taking a reservation at a hospital, there are many ways to assign normal time to work. And, of course, even though we think about time with partners who live together, we still have big benefits for scheduling based on "9:00 AM".

◆ 2: Including something other than work for scheduling
Neagu recently became able to understand the value of scheduling things other than work. Just because there is time to spare is that if you scramble only the schedule of work for anything, there will be no gaps to spend private time.

Therefore, for example, if there are 10 jobs that must be processed and 10 personal schedules, "If you are going to go to yoga from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock in the evening and 6 o'clock to 7 in the evening" It is said that it is important to schedule work and private in parallel. Neagu seems to prevent the schedule from being occupied by work by writing both work and private contents in his own ToDo list.


◆ 3: Face-to-face basis
Neagu says that being with someone is like an instinct that human beings have had in the evolutionary process of thousands of years. Before a society like modern day was established, it was almost impossible to live alone, so it was said that human beings have learned to live with someone. Even in modern times when it is less exposed to the dangers of life, its memory is important, so it is still meaningful to work with someone.

For Neagu, it is gradually becoming important to be with people. In addition to trying to work with colleagues and clients as much as possible, if you can not afford it, you are going to go to a crowded cafe to create an environment where you can get involved in crowds.


◆ 4: Insurance · Tax · Business · Legal things
Even apart from the profit, saying that it does not adopt a general way of working seems to give rise to issues and problems that are not common in general. There are times when it is difficult to respond to the health insurance and pension problems if the law that fits the remote work environment is not being developed or living by moving around here and there. Likewise, it is necessary to deal with tax problems.

And one of the disadvantages is that there are no pros who give exact advice to such situations. Therefore, there is a risk that it takes a lot of useless time to challenge new ways of working. Neagu pointed out that this point is the biggest difficulty in remote work and advises people who are considering introduction to "grasp the situation well" and to push things carefully.

◆ 5: It is not easy to live while moving
By utilizing the digital environment, it is no longer impossible to obtain an environment that traditionally had difficulty in continuing work while traveling in various places, and in some cases doing work on the beach side. However, as a result of experiencing remote work over 5 years, Neagu said that she was a bit tired of such a life. Currently I feel that I do not appeal to travel as much as I used to, and if I do not need it, I should avoid traveling by plane. Traveling on an airplane is wasted time often and diet is often the worst for reasons, but it is also reason why productivity is affected by frequent changes of routine work every day. One.

Based on this, Neagu says, "You can envy photos of attractive places like Facebook every day and buy articles like" How to get a dream life with remote work on the island " Rather, do research first "and advice. Listen to experienced staff and need to know things that made me feel terrible and ugly, and I am ready to take the remoteness, or in some cases "I have an environment for myself" I encourage you to think about it.

◆ 6: I do not necessarily get happy even if I live in a different country
It is said that there is a psychological problem called "Third Culture Kid" which is different from the culture of the parents and culture of the place of birth, falling into the crisis of identity by living long in the "third culture". Based on this, Neagu points out that 90% of living overseas can not live happier than the original country. Of course, improvement can be expected if the original environment is a place where free rights and a healthy life are not guaranteed, but if it is almost the same environment, a feeling of well-being I can not expect improvement.

If you feel like seeking a new culture and experiencing it, it might be the best way to travel and to live in new places one after another. It is important as we can gain a lot of experience and lead to growing ourselves greatly but it is equally important to understand that this is not always easy to accomplish It is important.

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◆ 7: Leave home and go outside!
There are days when it is boldly felt that going out simply because it is troublesome. Although it is also likely to think that "Today is too much to do, so it is time to go out tomorrow", Neagu asserts this as "absolutely not good."

Even if you just have a reason to drink coffee, Neagu says that you should go out anyway. By doing so, new things within me can start and I can start the day. Even if you forcibly put your own switch, it seems to be said that it is still important.

◆ 8: Investing in yourself
There are a lot of things you can not do about the situation, such as the environment where the company has prepared enough environment for business, or the environment not being prepared. If sufficient circumstances are not in place, it is important to make efforts to adjust themselves. Therefore, it is important to prepare the following four points first.

1: Getting the desk and chair as good as possible. Because it is the one that touches the longest time at work. Also, in some cases it is a hand to think about the introduction of "standing desk" where you can work while standing.

2: Introducing as good a computer as possible. It is better to think in the wind saying "the best thing that can be invested" rather than saying "within the range possible".

3: Choose the best tools possible. Also, do not put money on the balance with work and private. Do not compare wine of 20,000 yen with software of 20,000 yen. It is important to recognize that the two are completely different.

The same thing as 4: 3 can also be said to attend specialized meetings and workshops. Participation fee is usually required to attend these places, but if you increase productivity by 5% by paying participation fee of $ 300 (about 30,000 yen), as of now If the productivity is $ 30 per hour (about 3000 yen), you can regain its cost in about 1.5 months. After another three years it will be a profit of 8000 dollars (about 800,000 yen) and will bear fruit.

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