I tried eating the Hagen Dazs "Matcha crumble" with a rich flavor with Matcha tea making

Haagen-DazsMini cup iceYaCrispy sandwichMatcha flavored goods are available in lineup, but from April 7, 2015 it will be limited for a limited time to crunchy crunch series as well as a new matcha taste "Matcha crumble"Has appeared. I decided to eat what kind of finish the ice which wrapped the rich green tea ice all round with Matcha coating.

Deep fried crunchy crunchy "Matcha crumble" full of various charm of Matcha "Limited new release from April 7 (Tue)

Crunchy crunch | Product Information | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

Crunchy crunch Matcha crumble package is a combination of dark red color familiar with Haagen Dazs product and green color of green tea.

Matcha cookie, matcha coaching, matcha ice cream and crunchy crunch of matcha tea making.

By type, ice cream, milk fat content is 13.5%, and it can be confirmed that raw materials contain cream, white chocolate coaching, matcha cookie and Matcha.

The amount of energy was 266 kcal in one (80 ml).

If you opened the box, ice cream wrapped in vinyl appeared, as usual Hagen Dazs sight as usual.

It opens the vinyl and finally faces the crunchy crunch of matcha taste.

The surface is pale yellowish green, which is not as rugged as the picture of the package, but you can see that Matcha cookie is in place in the matcha coaching.

The ice cream is a vibrant matcha to the center, plain condition without extra filling etc. When I try to eat it, first the rich aroma of Matcha comes across and it faintly felt the bitterness peculiar to Matcha, but as I draw it with ice cream of outstanding mouth melting condition, I will eat as much as possible with Pakpaku It is finished to be finished. Matcha coaching using white chocolate is a crisp texture and it also has a rich taste. Matcha cookie mixed in coaching became accent of the texture crunchy and crispy.

Haagen-Dazs crunchy crunch matcha crumble is sold at supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores nationwide at 272 yen excluding tax. Because it is a limited-time item, it seems better to buy it without hesitation before it gets lost when you find it in the shop.

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