I ate "Pottery Bibimbap food set" that I can eat in the state of Atsuatsu at Sukiya

Sukiya uses a stove and iron pot from April 1 (Wednesday) "Set meal bibimbapese set meal"We sell. Although there was a pot menu using stove until now, menu to be baked with rice in rice pot was unusual, so we went to a shop and ate it.

Sukiya's "Nabe-yaki bibimba set menu" is released !! | Sukiya

Arrived Sukiya.

It also appeals the pot dish bibimbap set meal even in front of the shop. I will place an order and try ordering at once.

Menu arrived at over 5 minutes after ordering. Set meal is bibimbap pot, egg, wakame soup, pepper paste set.

Bibimbap is colorfully colored and rice on iron pot is making juice.

The bowl of bowls and bowls ......

Namul of bean sprouts and carrots ......

I have plenty of kimchi.

There is rice under the appliance. Because it is baked on the pot, it makes a crackle and sound from the scent of sesame oil and rice.

Break the raw egg before eating bibimbap ... ...

Separate into yellow and white using special equipment ......

I will put only yolk on bibimbap.

Crush the yolks ......

Mix it with Namul or Kimchi.

Bibimbap is completed. I will eat it at once.

Although the ingredients of beef bowl and kimchi are compatible with each other, both are pretty tasty, so saltiness is strongly felt even though they are tangled with yolk, so it seems better to increase kimchi or rice more did.

The mouthfeel of the moisturized Namul has become a good accent of bibimbap.

I will try to eat the burnt offering of rice baked on the pot.

It's not as good as a stone-grilled bibimbap to eat at a roasted meat shop, but it's not bad, but the crispy texture is good. As most of the rice was stuck to the iron pan, I could not eat too much good.

When you sprinkle special sauce like hot pepper like spicy sweetness and pungent taste, the taste becomes salty. From the very beginning, it is better to sprinkle specially made sauce little by little.

Wakame soup was a Korean style seasoning that made use of the seaweed flavor, which was well suited for bibimbap.

In addition, the pot dish babimba set meal of Sukiya is 583 yen including tax.

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