I tried Matsuya's ``Negi Shio Beef Yakiniku Bowl,'' which has a refreshing citrus flavor and a refreshing green onion salt sauce that goes perfectly with the fragrant beef yakiniku.

Matsuya, a beef bowl chain, has released a new menu item, ` `Negi Shio Beef Yakiniku Bowl, '' from 3:00 PM on Tuesday, September 19, 2023. It is said to be a new bowl with fragrantly grilled beef yakiniku, sesame oil and citrus-scented green onion salt sauce, and plenty of crunchy green onions, so I tried eating it to see what it tastes like. .

'New bowl' and 'Nostalgia bowl' are now available. “Green Onion Salted Beef Yakiniku Bowl” and “Kimchi Beef Meshi” released | Matsuya Foods


Arrived at Matsuya.

At the store, the newly introduced 'Green Onion Salted Beef Yakiniku Bowl' was being promoted.

I immediately ordered a sized serving of ``Green Onion Salted Beef Yakiniku Bowl'' to take home. For take-out containers, you can choose between ``direct serving,'' in which the ingredients are placed on top of the rice, and ``separate'', in which the ingredients are placed in a separate container from the rice. This time I chose Naomori.

When you open the lid of the direct serving container, it looks like this.

The ingredients are green onion salt sauce with sesame seeds, green onions, and beef yakiniku.

The beef yakiniku is thin and tender, and the aroma and peppery flavor, combined with just the right amount of fat, whets the appetite. The green onion salt sauce has a refreshing citrus flavor, and the overall impression is that it has a refreshing taste.

The refreshing green onion salt sauce and the crunchy texture of plenty of green onions made it a beef yakiniku bowl that you can still enjoy.

Green onion salted beef yakiniku bowl can be ordered from 3:00 pm on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at Matsuya stores nationwide, excluding some stores. The price is 560 yen including tax for a small serving, 590 yen including tax for a medium serving, and 730 yen including tax for a large serving, and miso soup will be included if you eat inside.

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