JoJo OP Production Kamikaze Movie Original animation "Amanatz" full-length release on YouTube

An animation production company active in opening images of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" and "Gatchaman Crows", TV commercial of Ultra Jump, MV of EXILE · Sound Horizon · BaseBallBearKamikaze videoHowever, the original work "Amanatsu", which was once produced and turned into an illusion, is fully disclosed on YouTube.

Kamikaze Video 2nd Edition "Amanatz" full release!

Director Yoshima Toshihisa's work "Amanatsu" / Production: Kamikaze Video - YouTube

Synopsis looks like the following.

Bullying by classmates, parents' divorce problem going forward without regard to their own intention ....
A girl who continues to be negated and ignored and whose own outline has become blurred leaves home aiming at his own place of death .
The only thing that affirmed the existence of such a girl was a robot that was always stuck next to him when he was young.

Robot Amanatu and girl Amane who were together from a young age

The grown Amane was bothered by the classmate's bullying and the divorce problems of parents who are moving regardless of their will.

An existence is denied · It continues to be neglected, "Amen of yourself" has become blurred

I am going to leave the house aiming for my own death place , but there is the figure of Amanutu.

Amanato leaves home with an american but amana natsu came for us.

Sometimes it carries an amine and carries it.

Amane and Amana Natsu traveling everywhere, where can we get there ...?

The director of this work was the Kamikaze movieOriginal animation "GASOLINE MASK" currently under constructionToshihisa Yokojima, one of the directors of Mr. Yokohama.

In 2009Locarno International Film FestivalAs starting with the invitation screening work,Annecy International Animation FestivalYaStuttgart Animated Film FestivalIt is a masterpiece which was screened at numerous festivals such as festival.

As "CREATOR'S WORLD × ARTIST" series,Two thousand flowersThe version of music video collaborated with "Rivers Edge" was sold in iTune and it ranked ninth in ranking, but screening opportunities were limited, including Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 · Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 . At that time, I heard a story about Kamikaze video "Despite wanting to release the full story in some form, it is not yet decided what kind of form can be seenAlthough it was said that, the full story will be made public for several years in this way.

By the way, at the Kamikaze Video Studio studio currently producing "GASOLINE MASK" it is said that they are looking for staff. "It is said that we are seeking fellows who write a new history together with animation, whether the world can not be changed", so please give your name if you say that I am.

Kamikaze Video 2

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