"A future where vehicles other than fully automatic driving cars become illegal will come", Tesla mask CEO says

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Delivery was started in Japan in September 2014"Model S"EV maker that develops and sells ·TeslaMr. Eilon Mask, CEO of Mori Seiki, said on the future of an automated driving car "When the future is ahead,A car that a man drives will be legally prohibited(In the distant future people may outlaw driver cars.) "It was revealed.

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This remark took off at the "GPU Technology Conference (GTC)" held by semiconductor manufacturer NVIDIA. NVIDIA CEO Jen Seung-hwan who keynote at the beginning of the conference,DARPA(National Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) developed an example of vehicles developed, and mentioned that the company 's processor is used to control an automated driving car, and then invited Mr. Mask to the stage.

In a talk session saying "Let's speak roughly without a meeting," Mr. Fan and Mr. says,

Mr. Fan:You mentioned earlier that "AI (artificial intelligence) is more a threat than nuclear weapons, it is like a devil." How do you intend to explain rationally by linking the possibility of AI by automatic driving car and deep learning?

Mr. Mask:There is no need to worry about the automatic driving car. Automatic driving cars are easier than people think. In the past, operators were handling every elevator, but electric circuits now play the role. For a while a future will come, people will legally prohibit vehicles that people drive because 'they are dangerous'. "

Huang:How were you consolidate and rationalize that with deep learning's potential?

Musk:In the distant future, they they are worry about autonomous cars. Do not self-driving is easier than people think. They are veiled operators, but now we've developed circuitry so they go where you want to go. May outlaw driven cars because they are too dangerous.

Mr. Mask also said, "We should not let humans drive" Death Machine "which weighs as much as 2 tons."

Also mentioning the possibility of further benefits due to popularization of automatic driving cars. The current vehicle is said to have led to an increase in weight, as many technologies have been added to the vehicle to achieve high collision safety and crew protection. If it is fully recognized that the automatic driving car shows high safety, it says it will lead to the realization of a lightweight and highly efficient vehicle by omitting excessive safety equipment.

Although Mr. Mask talks about the surprising future image, it is a place where Mr. Mask 's word trying to realize a space travel by a private company feels a certain persuasive power. However, as a matter of fact, considering coexistence with a vehicle that a normal human being drives, it seems that on the other hand it is a fact that a certain period of time is indispensable for diffusion.

Mr. Mask also touches on the simultaneous running of an automatic driving car and an existing vehicle in the session. For example, if all vehicles are automatic driving cars, it will be possible to build a safe and efficient driving environment as a group by building a mesh network by mutual communication, Manual operation car "enters even if even one unit collapses this cooperative system at once. It tells us the difficulty of going back to inefficient driving that secures a lot of inter-vehicle distances as usual to avoid unexpected situations.

Mr. Mask noted that a certain period of time is required before most of the vehicles are replaced with automatic driving cars. Currently, there are two billion cars that are said to be in the world, but they are all "maneuvering cars" that people drive. On the other hand, at present, 100 million automobiles are produced worldwide in the world at the present moment. Even if all of them are automatic driving cars, it is difficult to replace most of the vehicles by 20 years or more Is required.

Google's automatic driving carOf course,NissanYaToyota,BMW,Audi,Mercedes-BenzThere are some automated driving cars in which nations' automobile manufacturers develop development competition, which has already been increased to near completion, and it is not an exaggeration to say that practical application is a matter of time. Actually it is likely that the "manual driving car" will be illegal, but it is likely that it is said that it is said that it is not a long way to see the big change since the beginning of the history of the car is.

Mr. Mask and Mr. Hwang's talk session can be seen from 1 hour 36 minutes in the following movie.

Also, you can read an excerpt from the talk session on the NVIDIA blog below.

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