I have eaten "Tokyo Tower Burger" limited to Tokyo Tower shops boasting the highest height of Moss history

Moss burger of hamburger chain opened Tokyo Tower shop on 13th March 2015. Limited sale only at the Tokyo Tower shop "Tokyo Tower Burger"Tokyo Tower Cheese Burger"It is the highest height of the history of Mos Burger who imaged Tokyo Tower, so I checked what kind of hamburger it is.

Limited sales of hamburgers "Tokyo Tower Burger", "Tokyo Tower Cheese Burger" ~ "Mos Burger Tokyo Tower Shop" of the highest height of Moss -
(PDF file)http://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_150309_1.pdf

Arrived at Tokyo Tower.

Sunny weather with no clouds.

To Tokyo Tower Foot Town is a short cut if you enter from Hall B.

As soon as you pass the automatic door, you will find a food court.

The closest shop is "Mos Burger Tokyo Tower store". This day was an open day on Friday, March 13, 2015. A voice saying, "Was that me here was not Mac?" The Mos Burger Tokyo Tower shop is in the prime location where McDonald's was previously.

This "Tokyo Tower Burger (800 yen including tax)" "Tokyo Tower Cheese Burger (860 yen including tax)" for this time is. Both are menus limited to the Tokyo Tower shop, of course expressing the "height" of the Tokyo Tower.

As expected it is judged impossible to strike two items simultaneously. I ordered Tokyo Tower Cheese Burger.

Wait a while at the table.

In commemoration of the opening we got a file and a guide saying "Thank you for the day of Moss."

The petunia seed was contained in the guide. On March 12th it was the day the grooming store of the 1st store opened. From the opening day of the founding anniversary day, the enthusiasm for Mos Burger's Tokyo Tower shop will be communicated.

After a while Tokyo Tower Cheese Burger and Ginger Ale (L size) arrived. 860 yen (including tax) and 290 yen (tax included) respectively.

As expected it will not be able to stand on its own. He was put in a cup and came. However, it is a volume that just protrudes from the cup.

There is a fork. How in the world can you use this ....

Fold this guy ... .... It seems that it will take time to solve the mystery.

Let's count the number of "weight" in order to calm our mind. The first layer is "The buns", The second layer is"lettuce".

The third layer is "Hot chili sauce", The fourth layer is"Onion chopped", The fifth layer is"mayonnaise". Counting onion and mayonnaise into "layers" is not uncommon.

However, the sixth layer is "sliced ​​cheese". Since there are two pieces of cheese, although it seems to be good to count two layers here ... ....

The seventh layer is "Patty", The eighth layer is"Sliced ​​tomatoes", The ninth layer is"Hot chili sauce", The tenth layer is"Fly onion".

The eleventh layer is "ketchup", The twelfth layer is"Onion chopped", The thirteenth layer is"Pastrami bacon".

And the 14th layer is "Patty"And the last is"The bunsAll 15 layers of.

Since there is no choice but to think, first try the technique of "eating while squashing" which is the royal road of huge burger capture method. In addition, this is impossible first with one hand. Let's crush it firmly with both hands.

But if you put power into it, hot chili sauce explodes. The royal road can not communicate ... ....

So change strategy. We will use "wrapping paper" to push the top half "offset strategy" we will decide.

I opened my mouth without thinking, I bit one and bitten. I managed to slash until the eighth layer somehow. The hot chilli sauce taste is quite strong, so that the taste of mayonnaise, onion and cheese is not understood at all.

I feel like I've become a carnivorous beast somehow when I'm tentatively charged.

The fork seems to take a scoop of the protruding parts.

At the end, the lower half also begins to capture. However, with wanna that hot chilli sauce sticks to the nose every time it gets crowded.

You should attach two or more paper napkins to the Tokyo Tower Burger.

Finally the first layer of buns disappeared.

And the upper half completely disappears, but in the lower half there are two patties. Only in this state it was released from the nightmare of the hot chili sauce, it was able to enjoy thick onion juicy patty and moist hiking onion fly.

Complete with many kinds of kettles.

Tokyo Tower Cheese Burger is the imaginary volume. However, since the hot chilli sauce is too hot to be able to enjoy other ingredients, I felt it would be nice to have a special meat sauce version of Mos Burger if possible.

Tokyo Tower Burger & amp; Tokyo Tower Tokyo Tower shop, which can challenge cheeseburger, is open from 9:30 am to 21:50 pm and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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