I've been eating "Mardipiza" of Moss who can enjoy Margherita · Pizza even though it is a hamburger

From Mos Burger from February 6, 2018 (Tue), "Marple pizza"Has appeared. "Marudepiza" is a hamburgerMargherita · PizzaIt is like finishing that makes me feel as if I am eating authentic pizza. I actually went to see if I could eat a hamburger and really enjoy the taste like pizza.

Marudepiza | Moss Burger Official Site

Arrived at Mos Burger.

There was a poster of "Marudepiza" on the shop front.

About 10 minutes after ordering a clerk, "Marudepiza" (450 yen including tax) has been brought.

Pizza like the buns are white. Between buns, there are baby leaf, Parmesan cheese, onion slice, pizza sauce, baked tomato, sliced ​​cheese, hamburger patty ......

Basil sauce was wet in the upper buns.

When eating, the flavor of the cheese spreads throughout the mouth, then the pizza sauce using tomato paste, onion, red pepper and tomato texture, the basil sauce and patty taste, further onion slice and baby leaf combine Taste as if you are eating Margherita · pizza with as much ingredients as it is. The white buns are fluffy texture and do not assert against the ingredients, so it's just like folding the pizza in half and eating it.

To "Marudepiza"jalapeno pepperI tried topping "Spicy Mardex pizza"(480 yen including tax) is also prepared ... ...

Jalapeno cut plenty of pizza sauce and Parmesan cheese.

When I brought it to the mouth, I feel the taste is almost the same as "Marudepiza" at the beginning, but the spicyness of Jalapeno will attack immediately afterwards. Although the feeling feeling is slightly intense, it is not so much as to break the balance of the taste, but rather it tasted like to make the taste of "Marudepiza" more prominent.

"Marudepiza" (450 yen including tax) and "Spicy Marne pizza" (480 yen including tax) are on sale for a limited time from February 6, 2018 (Tue) to late March 2018.

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