Tightly buttery Lotteria "Scorching Shoyu Butter Chicken Burger" Tasting Review

From today Lotteria will introduce "Burned soy sauce butter chicken burgerI started selling, so I bought it at once and tried it.

When I say chicken burger, just the other day from Kentucky Fried ChickenRoast chicken sandwichAlthough it came out, what kind of chicken burger did Lotteria bring out?

Review from below.
From Lotteria, a new fragrant chicken burger appeared! - "Scorching Shoyu Butter Chicken Burger" | Campaign · Topics | Lotteria

I bought it.

The one I bought this time is Kore, a burned soy sauce butter chicken burger. It is 320 yen separately.

It is contained in special wrapping paper.

Buns are plump, stuffy.

I bought freshly made fish, so chicken is pretty juicy.

Below the buns is an original sauce that boils onions and dice tomatoes, butter and scorched soy sauce with aroma and flavor.

Like KFC roast chicken sand, it is a burger that is not a chicken patty but a piece of chicken meat. Soy sauce put on a family's steak Savory taste like noodles is well matched with chicken thigh meat, and chicken with juicy still has a good texture coupled with lettuce which was shakijaki.

I do not have lots of burgers, I do not mind, but it is not a bad article if you choose a little burger for breakfast.

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