KFC "Roast chicken sand" tasting soup of chicken sheet meat splendidly Review

Since May 12, KFC has started selling the new product "Roast chicken sand", so I went to eat at once.

This sand was the other dayOil germ chicken sandUnlike a roasted chicken sandwiched in a splendid piece. There seems to be a considerable eating response.

Details are as below.
Kentucky Fried Chicken | Roasted Chicken Sand

By saying "a piece of powerful piece of meat! Roast chicken sand", the price was 450 yen separately.

Dedicated wrapping paper content "TRY! NEW" and strongly recommending new products.

The whole of roast chicken sand looks like this.

There is a juicy feeling that sebum seeps from chicken.

Buns are not normal but rye bread (black bread). You can see that it is different from sand so far.

A piece of chicken meat is sedated.

Above that are tomatoes.

Source is a special BBQ source. All-purpose sweet seasoning matches juicy chicken, I feel a fresh taste.

I only have one whole meat and the volume is full scale .... I want to say that it is full point, but if it is about 2, I can eat it with pelori. It is a commodity that adequately meets the price of 450 yen per one.

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