Coca-Cola's 100th Anniversary Commemorative Product "Coca-Cola Life" Tasting Review

With sugar of plant originSteviaLeaves are used, and a new product of Coca-Cola made calorie discreetly is "Coca-Cola Life"is. It is already on sale in the US, Argentina, France, Sweden etc, Japan was released from March 9th (Monday) today, so I tried buying and drinking it.

Coca-Cola Japan | Corporate Information | News Release: Coca-Cola Japan Coca-Cola Journey

The package of Coca-Cola Life is based on green.

The character of "Life" under the familiar logo. The label is not red, it is dusky green like Matcha color.

Compared to the normal Coca-Cola package this is like this.

"Sweetener (stevia) extracted from leaves of plants" calorie serving moderate ".

The raw materials are sugar, caramel pigment, acidulant, fragrance, sweetener (stevia), caffeine, saccharide (fructose glucose liquid sugar) used in normal Coca-Cola is not used.

As it is said to be 19 kcal per 100 ml, 95 kcal when drinking one. As normal Coca-Cola is 100 ml and drinks one at 45 kcal it is 240 kcal, so Coca-Cola Life has less than half the calories.

The cap is bright green. I will open it quickly.

Coca-Cola on the left and Coca-Cola on the right. There is no big difference in appearance.

There is no big difference when looking at near, and if it is dare to say it is about the difference that Nocal Coca-Cola seems to have strong carbonic acid.

First of all, I drank Normal Coca-Cola and confirmed the taste. There is no such thing as "Coke today is totally different!" It is that taste of carbonated plenty of sugar.

When I continued drinking Coca-Cola Life, it seemed that the difference in appearance was not due to mind, as the taste of carbonic acid was a mild mellow feel. The taste is surprisingly more sweetness stands out if carbonic acid escapes with sweetness impression stronger than normal Coca-Cola. The sweetener used is Stevia, the aftertaste resembles Pocari Sweat Stevia which had been released in the past, sweetness remained in the mouth. Although sweetness is strong, the balance as taste is higher for normal Coca-Cola. Still if you prefer to refrain from calories please choose Coca-Cola Life.

Coca-Cola Life is sold as a regular product, and the price is 140 yen without tax.

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