Google's disappeared services / product summary, even things that are likely to be forgotten

Google has evolved from Silicon Valley to a global company, but not all of the offering services are successful, it is not a success but "the service lost to other companies in the same industry is immediately truncated" and the failure of failure is the quickness of failure Has been minimized. We have gathered the services of Google that have been offered and it is now possible to remember what we were using at the time and "This service was also there!"

Google Memorial, le petit musée des projets Google abandonnés

From the older one, the service icons that Google has provided for each service start year are listed. The oldest service is paid input search "Google Answers(2002 - 2006) ", and other" building virtual environments "Lively(2008) ", RSS reader"Google Reader(2005-2013) ", place Google search on the desktop" Deskbar (2006) "You can call from Google Maps"Click-to-call(2006-2006) ", document service"Writely(2006-2006) ", SNS"Hello(2008-2008) ", free SMS"Send to Phone(2008-2008) ", a radio advertisement system"Google Audio Ads(2007-2009) ", catalog browsing service"Google catalogs(2009 - 2009) ", social software for mobile"Dodgeball(2005-2009) ", a taxi search"Google Ride finder(2007-2009) "

Demonstration site of the new project "Google Labs(2002-2011) ", Twitter-based social service"Google Buzz(2010-2011) ", an online dictionary"Google Dictionary(2010-2011) ", which measures real-time power consumption"Google PowerMeter(2009-2011) ", real estate listing in the United States" Real Estate (2009-2011) ", directory service" Google directory (2000-2011) ", Google Labs widget"Google Sets(2011-2011) ", news viewing service"Fast Flip(2011-2011) "

Google image search tagging serviceGoogle Image Labeler(2006-2011) ", human input search" Aardvark (2008-2011) ", browser extension software"Gears(2007-2011) ", bookmark sharing service"Bookmarks Lists(2010-2011) ", an online memo pad"Google Notebook(2006-2012) ", source code search" Code search (2012-2012) ", News Badges (2012-2012) where you can get badges when you read the news," Google Related (2012 -2012) "

Location information service "Latitude(2009-2013) ", vaccination center list display service" Flu Vaccine Finder (2009-2012) ", personal health information integration service"Google Health(2008-2012) ", user-generated knowledge base"Knol(2008-2012) ", background image setting of Google search"Google Classic Plus(2010-2012) ", a communication and collaboration tool"Google Wave(2009-2012) ", online photo editing service"Picnik(2010-2012) ", microblogging"Jaiku(2007-2012) "

Online content sale "One Pass(2011-2012) ", a podcast application" Google Listen (2012-2012) ", a social application" Slide (2012-2012) ", a 3D model creation tool for adding buildings to Google EarthGoogle Building Maker(2009-2013) ", an in-browser instant message program"Meebo(2012-2013) ", instant messenger"Google Talk(2005-2013), "SMS Search (2013-2013)" to search by mobile SMS, customizable homepage & portal site "IGoogle(2005-2013) "

TO DO Shared Service "Google Schemer(2011-2014) ", Gmail notification software"Google Notifier(2014-2014) ", SNS"Orkut(2004-2014) ", shop evaluation function"Google Business news(2011-2011) ", settlement service"Google Checkout(2006-2011) "" Base (2005-2010) ", tourist information service" City Tours (2009-2011) ", soccer based SNS"Joga bonito(2006-2008) "

Music preference sharing site "Music trends (2006-2006)", data set cleaning · analysis · conversion software "Google Refine(2010-2012) ", customized search"Google SearchWiki(2008-2010) ", the US government search" US GVT search (1999-2011) ", the Gmail client application"Sparrow(2011-2012) ", browsing speeding up tool"Google Web accelerator(2005-2008) ", secret research institution"Google X(2005-2005) ", free video sharing and search site"Google Video(2005-2011) ", private lesson service"Helpouts(2013-2015) "

In addition, although explanation is displayed when each icon is clicked, since it is a French website, English notation is none.

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