What kind of reaction does a woman who saw a pornographic movie for the first time react?

"Women watching pornography on the Internet8% of the whole(PDF file) "in 2013Pew InstituteAs was revealed by the survey conducted, few women see porn compared to men. So, "What kind of reaction do you see when women see porn movies for the first time", movies that summarize women who have never seen pornography watching porn movies for the first time are released .

Women Watch Porn For The First Time - YouTube

Three women reflected in the following images are going to watch porn this time. A woman who could not find the pleasure of watching pornography and never saw him ... ...

A woman says "I was not particularly interested in pornography".

It seems that this woman has not come up with the idea of ​​"seeing pornography" until now.

First of all it was published in 1972 "deep throatI watch a movie called "Iku. It is a work that was successfully performed boxingly in the United States, with the fact that a born woman with insensus went to the hospital, suggesting an amazing solution to the doctor.

Although it is a woman talking about the contents of the movie with "Humphrem ......" in the middle, "This is such a movie ......"

"What?" To change facial expressions.

This woman says, "He is not cute and I do not want anyone to swallow him ... ...".

"This woman also opens his eyes," Began!

I occasionally covered my eyes.

This woman is very calm, unlike the two people. It seems to have become awkward for seeing others' actions.

"Why ... he forced her ... ..."


A woman in Bobcat began to laugh with saying, "She's crying ...".

Published in 1978 "Debbie Does Dallas"It is a story that cheerleader Debbie notices that" If you do more sexy performance in front of Mr. Greenfield's son, you should make money, "and tells you to take action.

"The appearance like her cowboy is cute, I'm in the middle of commenting that nobody has sex yet."

"Her ass is small and seems to be an ordinary person," he says about a body shape that is not like a porn actress.

But I will take my breath as soon as "Mr. Greenfield ......!"

"Oh my god!" And after all it laughs.

Comment that "It looks like a one-on-one sexual harassment training."

Looking at the screen glaring while holding back laughing ......

Shouting "Ah!" Will distract our eyes.

"He is trying to inform her of her big penis."

"...... This is not a real penis, is not it?

Next, "Lemon Stealing Whore" that a girl of lemon thief is caught and receives "education".

While watching a movie, she is smiling as "This is a prostitute ... ...!"

A woman looking at "Oops ......". It seems that something has happened.

"He took out the penis ... ...."

"What did you say," You stole a lemon, so do ○ ○, do not know what it means! Take me to prison! "

At the end is a gay porno called "Ricky Roman F ** ks Levi Michaels!" It is the content that two men who were talking about their relationship go to sexual intercourse.

I like favorite comments to a male couple talking about their encounter "I like this".

But this woman says, "A couple is talking and it's still boring."

"I wonder why he can be calm in front of the camera," he says, this woman seems to be beside the content.

It seemed that he liked that "Because this movie has the most intimate feeling" because the stories of absurdity were consecutive.

At the end of the movie, three people comment on each "comment summary", but the point to evaluate by people and the points to look at are various, and both are interesting reactions. In the comment section of the movie, "These girls have lived in the cave until now" "Next, collect the people who have never breathed and make a movie" When you breathe for the first time "movies There was a skeptical opinion on the existence of itself, "a woman who has never seen pornography".

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