"Daily sugar intake guideline" has been updated and even one can juice out

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World Health Organization(WHO) has established guidelines indicating daily intake such as fat, carbohydrates, saccharides, etc. to prevent obesity and lifestyle diseases. So farMonosaccharide(Glucose,Fructose),Disaccharide(Sucrose, Sugar) corresponding to "Free saccharide"The intake target of less than 10% of the total calories consumed per day, but new guidelines were announced, WHO calls for refraining to" less than 5% a day "the recommended intake of free sugars It is.

WHO | WHO calls on countries to reduce sugars intake among adults and children

WHO recommends new guidelines that the intake of free saccharides per day for adults and children has been changed to "less than 5% per day" of total calories. Conversion of sugar to 25 g or 6 teaspoons of intake targets less than 5% per day, one canned beverage such as soda contains about 40 g of sugar, so only drink one juice per day However, it will exceed the intake target. Other than that, a cup of ketchup contains 4 g of sugar, not only will we not only pay attention to sweet foods but also call on saccharides hidden in processed foods.


Free sugars include sugar such as honey, syrup, vegetable juice, but it does not contain sugar contained in fruits and vegetables, nor lactose naturally contained in milk. In European countries, Hungary and Norway have a daily sugar intake of less than 7% - 8%, Spain and the UK 16% - 17%, Portugal 25%. According to a WHO survey, it is said that taking over 10% of saccharides per day will cause the probability of becoming obese or dental to surge.

WHO recommends "less than 10% a day" from 2002, but based on data that the consumption of sugar around the world is increasing and that the ratio of obesity increases in both adults and children In the future, we are going to recommend saccharide intake of "less than 5% per day" even more severe.

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