What kind of reaction will you show to those who have never watched anime before showing 'Advance giants' or 'kill rakiru'?

To five American girls who have never seen animation "Attack on Titan"Or"Kill rakiruWhat kind of reaction will you do when you let Japanese animation like watching "BuzzFeedVideoIt is open to the public.

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This movie that people who have never seen animation watch Japanese animation. This woman is originally an animated film and directed by James Cameron 's movie "Avatar"I am confusing and it seems that it is going to be ridiculous from the beginning.

The first thing I listened to was the scene where super-large giants hit the Shigansina area in the second half of one episode of animation "Advance giant". A glasses woman showing exquisite expression from the start.

A woman in Avatar has a tremendous smile.

A ridiculous man who is outragelessly something came out.

This woman is watching animation with a more calm situation than other participants.

A facial expression that says "really messy".

In the scene where the mother of Ellen became under the house, this man screamed as "NO ~!"

As women of glasses also seems to be concerned about mothers who have stopped moving, every participant seems to be embracing themselves from animation, which will become more violent.

Here is Hannes that belongs to a garrison in the Sigang Sina district.

Participants also boils in appearance using three-dimensional mobile devices.

This is a woman who has a look like ......

However, the giant appeared soon. InstinctivelyF wordIt pops out.

This male seems to like the expression of the giant, and it is in the monomane.

In the scene where the giant lifts Ellen's mother, you can see three-person expression. I want to see a woman in pink clothes but I do not want to see it, a complex expression and hand gesture.

This male, which I have been enjoying the most until this time, also has expressions of agony in this scene.

However, there are also devil-based women who smile full of smiles for some reason.

And in this scene where Bakuri and Ellen 's mother will eat. Many viewers who had never read original manga should have reacted like this.

Just staggering as "It is a lie!"

Ending of one episode starts here. I will give a surprise voice at the end of one episode as soon as I say "What's going on in the whole thing?"

This woman is "crazy but I want to see the continuation" appearance seems to be quite addicted.

Subsequently, five participants watched "Kirakiru". Although it seems to be a little unattractive to those who are not familiar with animation ... ...

This male is also interested in this animation, saying "It's an interesting armor."

The female members are saying "I am naked", "I'm not wearing anything", "sexuality ... ..." and so on and everyone seems to be concerned with sexual expression anyway

Two men also enjoyed watching "Kirakiraku", and in a gaudy action scene they muttered as "Dragonball Z seems to be like", and they did not seem to dislike the strangeness of pictures and expressions.

A woman who declares again, "I will see the giant of advancement tonight."

This man is full of enthusiasm for seeing the continuation, "Please tell me the details of the animation you watched".

This man, who was watching anime at No. 1 Norinori, especially liked "Advance Giant". Movement and action scenes, and the giant's appearance was the best.

However, while evaluating Japanese animation as cool, it seems that sexual expression did not suit well.

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