What kind of reaction do you see when overseas people drink "Japanese ramune"?

It is loved in Japan long agoRamune"Is a drink filled with glass beads in a unique shaped bottle and there are many people who drank well when it was small. Although it is a familiar drink ramune for Japanese people, it is an unknown drink for overseas people, so what reaction would you like to do if Americans drink carbonated drinks around the world including ramune? A movie that summarizes "Americans Try International Sodas"is.

Americans Try International Sodas - YouTube

The first one is high caffeine drinkBowls.

Bowles' English pronunciation is exactly the same as Balls meaning the testicle, so two people who smile.

A man on the right who states the impression "It is very delicious!"

Bowls tastes like a creamy Red Bull. Bowls and Red Bull are high caffeine drinks so it may be similar in taste.

The second item is a British drink "VICTORIAN LEMONADE"is. The name VICTORIAN has a noble atmosphere.

A man who reads the description described in the bin as a British.

One impression of a drink was "Oh My God!"

The taste of VICTORIAN LEMONADE is that it is close to eating lemon as it is rather than drinking soda. It seems quite sour.

These two people looked calm and said "I can go quite well".

Japanese ramune appeared.

"There is some trick, how are you going to drink?" And two curious about the distinctive bottle.

Looking at the place where the woman on the right says "It is totally penis," you can see that the shape of the bottle is shocking for Americans.

When striking the lid from above "Yeah ー !!!"

Two people who burst out laughing at the note of "Please do not insert any part of the body into the bottle" after saying "I smell like gum", "Why are you !?" I do not know what I imagined.

The woman on the right is "not delicious at all"

Although the man on the left says "I'm quite able to go", the man on the right seemed to be not very tasty as "it feels like a medicine like a car".

Next, the Austrian "Almuddura"

It seems that the name of Almu Du Dura is unusual, and the two had a name in succession.

A man who looks down on the face, "Austrians drink Almu do Dura and become such face". Apparently, it seems not to be very tasty.

Meanwhile, the two people here evaluate the taste "This is delicious!"

According to the two who calmly analyze the taste without showing a big reaction all the time, Almu Doudura tastes like a bad ginger ale.

Cuban drink "Malta"A beverage like beer made from malt. However, alcohol is not contained.

Looking at the explanation "non-alcohol serial drink" written in the bottle, "What do you mean" woman woman. The reaction of the two people is like "hmm ... ...."

They showed how surprised they drink a bite and were "surprised that they really taste cereal!"

At the moment he drank Malta, he could not utter a word by distorting his face, and the woman looked at the state of the man and laughed a lot.

"VegemiteIt is a taste like diluting water with water. " Vegemite is a salty and dark brown paste, it is painted on bread and eaten.

At the end of the movie, the man was playing with loud noise while shaking while holding the bottle of ramune in his hand as the woman had a glass. It is the same for Americans to play with glass balls in the bottle.

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