Uber launches "UberEATS" which dispatches a cuisine of a famous restaurant

Easy to call hire from smartphone, dispatch service available in Japan is "Uber"is. In addition to deploying Higher's car allocation service in 55 countries today, Uber has started "Uber RRESH", a bicycle service in New York "Uber RUSH" and home delivery service for dinner and lunch in Los Angeles, but in Spain In BarcelonaUberEATSWe started home lunch service called "Wednesday, February 18".

Barcelona, ​​your meal is arriving now! | Uber Blog

This service is based on Barcelona's "Plateselector"We will partner with the gourmet site and deliver the daily menu within 10 minutes to the designated place, so Uber is the first attempt to do a home meal service outside the US. Johann Wald, founder of Plateselector said, "I am delighted to be able to do business with internationally recognized Brand like Uber and I am looking forward to contributing to Uber with our know-how." I commented.

In UberEATS, there is a reputation for taste in the local "Surf House Barcelona"Or"Feeld OrganicIt seems that you can have a menu of eateries such as "Delivery Store" delivered. Alex Knoepfel, the owner of Surf House Barcelona, ​​said, "I'm very happy to be able to cooperate with Uber-like business, and by collaborating with UberEATS I can approach different customers as well as those who normally visit restaurants So, it seems that many people will be able to know our restaurant, "and it seems that it is a great advantage for restaurant side to deliver cooking at UberEATS.

Searching on "Twitter" #UberEATS ", you can see tweets of people using UberEATS. According to the following tweets, it took only 8 minutes to have a Surf House Barcelona hamburger delivered by UberEATS.

How to use is very simple, open the Uber application, tap the uberEAT icon, select cooking and specify the location ......

The driver will bring meals right away. It is the same as the dispatch service that you can check the time you need until delivery to home delivery in real time or with the card you registered for payment and receive the service without cash.

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