Wal-Mart launches a new service that will help each other in shopping

Walmart , the world's largest supermarket chain, and Nextdoor , a social network that specializes in local communities, have announced the launch of a new service, 'Neighbors Helping Neighbors,' that can help people in trouble with the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

Walmart and Nextdoor Launch New'Neighbors Helping Neighbors' Program

Walmart and Nextdoor Launch New “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” Program – Nextdoor

Nextdoor and Walmart partner on a new neighborly assistance program | TechCrunch

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, many people are living out of their homes, and it is necessary to minimize the purchase of daily necessities essential to daily life. In particular, elderly people who have a high risk of becoming seriously infected if they are infected with the new coronavirus and people with chronic illnesses may be threatened even by shopping in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Wal-Mart and Nextdoor's new initiative is 'Neighbors Helping Neighbors', which aims to stimulate shopping in the neighborhood.

When Nextdoor members use this feature through the Nextdoor site or app, they will see the Walmart stores in their area on the map. Then, by selecting the nearest store, you can ask for help asking you to shop on your behalf, or, on the contrary, give yourself a substitute for shopping.

When the person who wants to shop and the person who wants to shop are matched, the members share information on bulletin boards and direct messages to check the necessary supplies and delivery methods. At this time, contactless payment methods and delivery methods can be selected as options, so you do not have to worry about face-to-face when delivering goods or money. Also, because the number of people who go to the store is reduced, there is an advantage that even those who shop are less likely to get a virus.

As a substitute for shopping for daily necessities that do not support mail order, we are developing services that are preceded by Uber and Lyft, which are vehicle dispatch services.

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However, in the United States where the tip culture is rooted, it is essential to tip the person who came to deliver. On the other hand, delivery by 'Neighbors Helping Neighbors' is just a help between neighbors, so volunteers are free of charge in principle. As a result, TechCrunch, a tech news site, said, 'This service costs less than using an online delivery service that requires a tip. This puts you at risk of shopping while the new coronavirus is rampant. It could be a recourse to the lives of people who couldn't afford it and couldn't afford to use online delivery services, 'said Walmart and others.

In a statement, Jenny Whiteside, Walmart's Chief Customer Officer, said, 'In this difficult time, the Walmart team will serve our customers with humanity, compassion and mutual understanding. We have seen a lot of ingenuity, and we will continue to work with Nextdoor to continue these efforts, while connecting our neighbors to ensure that the essential supplies for our community members arrive. Will reduce contact between people and reduce the number of people shopping in stores. '

“We are impressed by the kindness of people around the world every day. We have been doing business and shopping for our neighbors in the last few days,” said Sarah Friar, CEO of Nextdoor. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who reached out to those in need by taking a prescription or receiving a prescription.In partnership with Wal-Mart, I helped to make important connections between neighbors and secure neighbors to rely on. I am deeply grateful and proud of what I can do. '

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